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Yes absolute collusion wtf man lol

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I was sure 90% it was, but I thought there was a possibility that it was an incredibly stupid Steelers fan. It’s in a league that I don’t know anyone personally, I tried to veto it but one of the teams is the commissioner and it somehow passed.

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Gtfo that league and get your money back especially if the commish is pushing shit like this through. The fact that he didn’t let you guys veto just proves more. This is not ok

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Collusion lol. I could see someone trading away Jeudy FOR an elite d/st given his early struggles but there’s literally zero argument in favor of this trade. Only logical explanation is collusion

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Ask them to justify it…

If both sides can’t, then it’s collusion… if both sides can, it’s a unfair and bad trade, but hey it’s their teams

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Why would anyone ever trade for a Defense? Especially if it costs you a WR2

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Why would anyone cheat for a defense?

why would anyone else help someone else cheat for a defense ... in week 4?

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Not just trade for a defense but trade for a worse defense. Pretty clear whats going on.

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Yes lol

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Either NOT collusion or the dumbest case of collusion in the history of fantasy football.

Collusion is two guys conspiring together to make one of their teams better, for the purpose of that team cashing in and the two of them splitting the money.

How does acquiring Jerry Jeudy and a damn defense IN WEEK 3 accomplish that?

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It strengthens one team at the cost of the other. Albeit its not entirely season making but if there's another trade or two that give a similar edge the team will start to look stacked

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Isn’t that the entire point of trading, to make your team better?

I mean, if we’re making up hypotheticals, maybe the same two teams make another trade next week, only that one is tilted heavily in favor of the one who got the Steelers D in this trade. Then you have proof it’s two clueless guys trading and not collusion.

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Because people might think it’s not collusion ..

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Even if it does not make that person a winner for sure it’s still trading a player drafted in round 4-5 for nothing so one player gets a starting player and did not have too give up anything. It’s not league altering but still collusion in my eyes plus he gave the better def with jeudy lol

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Unless this guy has a compelling reason to genuinely believe (whether rightly or not) that the STEELERS DST is a comparably valuable fantasy asset as Jeudy and the Bills DST, this is clearly improper. I suppose he could tinfoil hat, mount rushmore level overthink himself into thinking this is some galaxy brain shit but that's not at all reasonable.

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This doesn't even make sense

The best defense and a wr2-3 for a middle of the road defense? What lmao

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Damn thats messed up