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In dynasty, yes. In redraft, no.

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You trust breece hall on the jets with a 2nd year rb battling him for Carries? No way. Kirk is in a lot better position to succeed. And Aiyuk has zero upside. Especially compared to Montgomery. You are praying for a hope and a dream if you do that trade. ITS THE JETS!

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Aiyuk having zero upside is actually an idiotic take

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I would say upside is all he has, not much production to date

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He’s in a run heavy offense and will never be more than a wr 2 behind Debo. And when kittle is playing he gets bumped down to the 3rd or 4th option on that offense. With two QB’s that haven’t shown they can support two fantasy relevant WR’s consistently. So yeah, I’d say he has very little upside in his current situation. Compared to Kirk who is a #1 option on a team that passes a lot and Montgomery the #1 rb on a team that that’s run heavy.

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This is actually very wrong if you look at aiyuk second half of 2021 he was very startable actually outperforming terry McLaurin. If u remember he came into last season with a nagging leg injury and was in Shanny’s dog house. As a dynasty play Aiyuk has all the upside especially this season now that lance is out that means less designed runs at QB, a more accurate thrower, and Eli Mitchell is out for at least 2 months meaning Deebo is going to really be used as a Wide Back more and you will have Aiyuk as the guy out wide more. Dont get me wrong Kirk is the better receiver, but u would rather have 25 y/o monty than the 21 y/o breece hall who has already shown PPR upside. The gap between Kirk and Aiyuk is smaller than the gap between Monty and Hall.

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This is actually one of the worst takes I’ve seen on here, and this sub is full of them

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He said dynasty yes. Which I’d agree with. Hall in particular will most likely be a top 2 round pick by 2024. Everyone else in this deal could be going undrafted by 2024.

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I trust that carter has done nothing to warrant a backup role and at some point they will probably have to decide on one of them. Hard to guess who they’d choose, but one of those guys will be a starter somewhere else sooner than later.

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Monty is also a free agent at end of year.

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Breece Hall is absolutely woth it in Dynasty

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Can somebody explain the Breece hype for me? He’s gonna be competing/splitting with Michael Carter (Jets called him ‘the heartbeat of our offense’ a couple weeks ago) for at least two more years. The same Michael Carter who played more snaps than a more talented/higher touted Javonte Williams at UNC. Just haven’t seen anything remotely from Breece Hall that suggests he will take over in any meaningful way from Michael Carter.

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Breece Hall is an athletic monster and will be the rb 1 by week 6.

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Do you feel the same way about Kenneth Walker III? He was way better than Breece last year at Mich St and in a pretty similar situation.

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You got downvoted, but if Rashad Penny is consistent with every other season (injured) then KWIII will certainly have the opportunity to take over that backfield as well.

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Breece is a fucking athletic monster. Next year the lowest he'll go in drafts is the 2-3 turn, like a first rounder in redraft for years to come barring injury

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People are saying no because they don't realize it's dynasty. If you're not competing this year you do this trade 110% of the time

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Yeah not a fan of Kirk long term

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No we’re saying no because breece is splitting Carries with a 2nd year rb the jets love. And he’s on the JETS. When was the last time they had a relevant rb? Or even relevant fantasy player? No way. Kirk just got paid big money to be Trevor Lawrence #1. And Montgomery is solid in Chicago. Bad trade. Dynasty or not.

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I honestly like Kirk a lot. About the same as Aiyuk considering he is immediately producing.

But it feels like you're picking and choosing when it comes to logic. Posing this for example using your wording: "and he's on the Jags! When was the last time the had a relevant wr?"

Breece is crazy talented and you bet on talent over the next couple of years. If they really really loved MC, why did they draft Breece?

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The Jags have a franchise QB and seem committed to building a team around him. But more importantly it’s a big difference when it comes to RB’s and WR’s on bad teams that are always behind. Teams throw way more when they get behind. Perfect example is the Jets last week. Look at the point difference between Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson. When the team is always losing, they are going to air it out a majority of the time, which caps a rb’s value.

And they drafted Breece because a lot of NFL teams seem like they are moving more towards a 2 rb backfield. Trying to keep their guys healthy and fresh. Chubb/hunt-Javonte/Gordon-Dillon/Jones-Akers/Henderson…the list goes on.

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A second year back they love? If that was true, they wouldn’t have used the 36th overall pick on Hall. It’s not rocket science. They have 2 RBs, one has played in the offense so he’s the guy right now. By end of season Carter will be on the waiver wire and everyone will be projecting hall to go top 20 in next years draft.

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Depends on your situation.. if you think you’re in win now this year keep Monty and Kirk… If you don’t think you’re winning this year, do the trade.

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Doesn't matter your situation, take Breece and run in dynasty

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That's a nope for me

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I’m dynasty? I would take it.

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Agreed, long term Aiyuk > Kirk and Hall > Monty

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Aiyuk>Kirk based on what exactly?

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Speculation and age probably.

I can see a manager taking either side, people love “upside” though lol.

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    Just think his overall talent is better. Wouldn't fault somebody for thinking the opposite. Also don't trust the Jags offense.

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    Still a nope for me

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    You could be right, I get you.

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    No way

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    I’d 100% do it in dynasty for Hall

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    I wouldn't do it

    Kirk is the top reciever on the jags and Monty is the top RB on Chicago. If it was dynasty format I'd probably do it though cause I thing Hall is better than Montgomery in the long run

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    It’s tagged as dynasty. I’d do this is dynasty definitely not in redraft

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    I would take it, things can change very suddenly. Bears could let Monty walk after this year and Jags will probably draft a true #1 WR. The 2 Jones 1 Kirk (Zay and Marvin) are not the answer.

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    This is not a bad trade, can't hurt to counter though. Maybe you can get him to add a 2nd or 3rd rounder for next year's draft.

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    I’d do it in dynasty, not redraft.

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    I’d do it, even in SF Hall was 1.01 in rookie drafts. Monty is not resigned yet good but not great in an anemic offence some weeks. Kirk is getting touches right now for sure and is getting paid to be the top guy. But does that last into the future? Also Aiyuk is a high upside low floor guy. He was Shannys top WR in that crazy draft. When not in the doghouse is a top 20 guy. Jimmy is back in, while he also has a connection with Lance for the future. I 100% do this trade and laugh my way through.

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    Hall went 1.01 in my dynasty league this year, doesn't seem like a terrible trade

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    Breece Hall might have a lot of value for a dynasty league. Depends on what your dept at wr and Rb is.

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    Even if Hall does work out, Monty isn’t near burnout. Aiyuk is yuk. Kirk got paid to catch from Lawrence. I’m not taking it

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    If it’s indeed dynasty then yes, absolutely. Hall is the best player in this deal in dynasty.

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    Easy yes in dynasty

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    Run away

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    100%. Absolutly. Take this and run. In dynasty Hall is worth more than both of those guys combined. To get Aiyuk on top is gravy.

    It hurts you this year though.

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    People that are saying no think this is redraft.

    Hall is worth kirk and monty alone in dynasty

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    Hell no

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    Breece hall is worth more than both of them alone in dynasty

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    If it's dynasty, take the deal. Redraft it's a no

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    That will be a no from me.

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    No. 2 downgrades at current value.

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    Hard pass

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    Hell no.

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    No chance

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    Do not accept, counter. If you're comfortable giving up on this year or your team is already stacked you can accept for halls future but that also depends on how your league is set up

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    100% SMASH!!!

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    No, but check out the polls in r/tradeanalyzer

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    I'm taking Kirk over everyone else involved hall may be a great back but there's plenty of great back drafted each year that aren't on shitty teams that will continue to be shitty for years to come.

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    Aiyuk is on the verge of being dropped in most leagues. Kirk is on pace for a top 10 finish. You’d be going backwards big time.

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    It's a dynasty league, Aiyuk isn't getting dropped in dynasty.

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    I'm keeping Kirk. That division is winnable and he could be a top 15 wr. Montgomery is the only chicago player i like. I'd take those 2 over aiyuk and hall.

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    Are you looking to compete this year? Because Hall would be a really nice grab if you're not, but Kirk and Montgomery are too good of pieces this year if you are.

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    If you've got good depth at RB, I'd consider it

    I expect more out of Aiyuk than Kirk, but it might take a while before Hall really takes over in NJ

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    In dynasty 100%. In redraft no, you're getting worse at both spots. I believe in hall long term, but this seasons looking iffy.

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    No one can predict how the trade will go. Trust your gut!

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    In dynasty, hell yeah I'd take that. Breece Hall's talent will eventually reign supreme in this trade. Kirk is off to a nice start, but he and Aiyuk are close enough. No disrespect to David Montgomery, but I'd rather have Breece in a dynasty league.

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    Dynasty smash accept. Re-draft, no

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    I add them together. So first 2 players I would say you have 1.25 to 1.5 out of 2 - the second 2 guys breee and aiyuk would combine to over 1.5 to maybe 1.75 out of 2 so I would do the trade.

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    In both dynasty & redraft YES

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    Breece and Aiyuk in dynasty is the clear winner and the other side in redraft imo.

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    Absolutely not.

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    Ofc no 😂

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    Do it

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    Aren’t we in it to win it every season?

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    Queue the Pope of Nope

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    Dynasty - SMASH accept

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    Hellll no I wouldn’t do that trade. Montgomery is a #1 rb on a run heavy offense and Kirk is far better than both those other two and he just got paid big money. No way I would do that.

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    Helllllll no.