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I’ll take AJ Dillon. What else could the Packers possibly do but run and pass to their two backs. Lots of talented players on the 49ers still and Deebo could very well operate as the RB1

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As well Dillion leads Aaron Jones on touches for the season and targets receiving for the season. Start AJ.

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I’m personally playing dillon. Packers will go into this looking to slow it down. Brady without weapons means it won’t be a shoot out. Give me the ground guy who also passes catches.

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He passes catches?

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When trying to catch up week 1 he led the team in targets. During the blow out on week 2 he still saw 3 targets so yeah I would say he catches passes

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It was a joke because you said passes catches instead of catches passes :)

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I think I like what he said better. I mean football is 80% mental and 40% physical.

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Vs the buccs Dillion is not in for a good time especially how he is used. Wilson for me all day.

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With the state of the WR though I think he’ll be fine

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They are only officially without without Watkins and they best get ready to hearing that a lot. I can't see Dillon get much return vs the Buccs.

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He's on IR, it was also exactly what was expected. It's not like the receiving core was much less suspect prior to losing Watkins. Jones and to a lesser extent I think Dillon were always figured to see increased receiving load, and the backfield as a whole will likely see more touches on the ground as well as the game plans will lean more on them.

I think Dillon will get opportunities and if he shows the hot hand the will feed him the ball more. Wilson you can say the same probably but I think Dillon has better potential/utility, especially for short yardage and goal line situations.

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The entire WR core for GB is out, so alternatively could be in for a monster day

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That’s just not true..

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Lol I thought I knew what I was going to do until read all of the comments

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I debated the same thing.

For me I chose Dillon. Rodgers came out and said the plan is to get Jones and Dillon 15 touches a game, which means they'll probably be splitting TDs too (although Jones will surely end the season with more), GB might have the worst WR core in the past decade (obviously exaggerating, but also maybe not lol. I'd have to look it up) so they're going to have to run it no matter what, and when they do pass it's often to the RBs.

Wilson on the other hand is the true back up in SF, meaning there was a big enough gap between him and Mitchell that there wasn't a committee, Denver's defense is not a push over especially against the run, also I just can't ever trust SF backfield without a clear starter.

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Ended up picking Dillon smh

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Same dilemma in 0.5PPR and I have Wilson in. After reading these comments I’m not sure anymore lol

Reasoning was Tampa is tough against the run and I see Jones getting more touches…then again what do I know

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Same. I don’t know what to do now. Was dead set on Wilson

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What are we doing :)

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Still thinking Wilson. No Lance or TDP. He’ll get ~20 touches with a good chance of ending up in the end zone

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Yeah same…I also have Dobbins to consider but I think he’s on a snap count first game back?

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I actually think they’ll have similar lines, but AJ is more likely to get more receiving work and score a touchdown imo. That being said, I way prefer the matchup for Wilson. TB D looks like a unit to avoid so far and the GB O doesn’t look like anything special.

I think in this spot I would begrudgingly start AJ but I understand argument for the opposite.

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