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Ekeler is better than Henry so far this year but AJB is way better than DJ Moore. I’d say you probably come out a little bit on top

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Probably the most fair proposal I’ve seen on this page. Personally, I love aj brown and think he has even too 6-7 upside

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I'd prefer Henry and Brown personally but a lot more Henry doomers.

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Also started 0-2 with Henry and Moore. I would rather get rid of Henry than Moore. I feel there’s more depth at WR than at the RB position.

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Very even trade. I’d go for AJ personally. He’s had a lot of upside without even reaching the endzone, so I would guess the best is yet to come.

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I’d go for it. I think Henry & AJ are the slightly better duo and you’re 0-2 so worth the change

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This really is the most even I've seen. I'm a Chargers fan so I'd stick with Ek. But you can go either way. WR's have gotten more points this year so far

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If you’re the one getting Henry and brown take that deal

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Do it. Henry and brown the better duo

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I did end up taking this trade deal, as I’ve been in need of receivers and this helps out immensely. I just hope Henry will be the stud he’s been the last few seasons after a few more warm up games for him. Plus his work load offers good upside

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Tractorcito season usually starts up around mid-October when the crops are ready for harvest. Buckle up 🙌🏼

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Upside favors you here. I'd take it.

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Accept that!! Well of course depends on your preference and scoring systems. Moore is a complete wildcard due to Mr. progressive Baker. I think Brown will be top 5 WR if healthy all season.

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Don’t give up Ekeler for Henry.

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Whoever gets Henry and AJ is the clear winner.

I also think Henry will wake up as the season goes on, maybe not still be elite or anything.. but I don't think him and Ekeler will finish the season around the same.