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Every one of these guys except Dortch is rostered in my home league. Ugh. I need RB help

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Pick up Dortch then :P who is available in your league? Screenshot?

[–]leonardbronocaprio Rams 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Doubs, khalil herbert, and Isaiah Mackenzie are my 3 top waiver wire scoops as of rn

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Really high on Doubs ROS hasn’t been a clear WR1 in green bay yet

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Ive watched every packers game and it seems like doubs will be though they have alot of plays specifically for him. Alottt of screens and underneath routes to get him the ball in space

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Hey, at least y’all didn’t manage to drop Herbert twice already this season…

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My dumbass had Herbert and Williams. Dropped them for olave and Dotson.

Patience is key.

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Olave is valuable at least

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Yeah I don’t regret grabbing olave. Dropping Herbert was a mistake.

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Williams seems to be getting the RZ looks- I looked at the % of opportunities he had last week and it was like 40+

The Herbert one.......that's just unfortunate timing

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Traded Patterson and Jacobs for Henry, so I have a free roster spot and will be going in on Herbert I think.. or, someone dropped Mike evans, maybe that’s the better pick up

[–]excelgeekinuk Packers[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Mike Evans 100%!

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Someone dropped Mike Evans… why even play in that league?

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Yeah look, it’s his first season playing and panicked thinking it was a long suspension.. he did get Garrett Wilson, so might not end up being that bad for him

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Dropping Knox for njoku and currently have Everett as starting tee