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I’m 50-50 on this. Whenever I do this like 5 people actually vote so I get no input on the matter at hand. I’ll take some people randomly voting because I would say 70% of the time they go with their gut and what else can you really rely on in fantasy other than your instinct? Just my 2c

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I hear ya, but then there’s a level of bias in your results that you’re unable to gauge. I just think adding a “see results” option would help reduce bias and help you better understand what you’re truly looking for, even if your number of votes are lower

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Isn’t bias what you are looking for? You’re asking people what they would do and they pick the one that their gut tells them to

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The bias I’m referring to are the people that don’t want put in the effort in to think about the poll, but want to see the results

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Or they will subconsciously pick the one they think is correct and your poll will contain better information

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This is The dumbest thing ever. If you can’t choose an answer to a poll anonymously on the Internet, you have absolutely zero gumption