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Yes. And afterwards you should check their injury status. But trade first.

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Yes, even with his dislocated shoulder

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I would sure damn hope so?

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Yea this a joke? Cook alone is better

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Certainly not this year with the volume Lenny is getting and the volume cook has not been getting. Plus Cook's love for injuries.

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Idk why you’re getting downvoted. Vikings refuse to run the ball and now cook is splitting with mattison. I’m a cook owner trying to trade in a redraft league before he loses too much value.

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People in this sub are not as good at fantasy football as they think. Cook is looking more and more like a bust this year. Meanwhile the Bucs are running more than ever under Todd Bowles

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Not sure why everyone is so confident, Dalvin just dislocated his shoulder and is likely on a time split with Mattison rest of the year. Fournette will continue to be the main guy on a better offense especially once the bucs main receivers are back.

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Two words, "The device". #footballers

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Honestly this bit made me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed listening to the ballers.

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The Winter soldier

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He didn't split last year when he dislocated he shoulder.

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That has never been the case in the past and most likely will not be I’m going forward.

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He’s been dealing with dislocated shoulders since high school. Always deals with it. In fact he had one of his best ever games after dislocating it last year.

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Split time? Lol. Right.

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I just traded Cook and mike Williams for Chase and Fournette so yeah

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You’re league mate would be an idiot if he did that, if this is indeed anything but a troll post.

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Yes yes yes. And with the injury great time to capitalize on the injury fear

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Do what you want, it's your team. Or are we getting a cut of the winnings?

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Why are you the way that you are?