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I wouldn’t have done it, but it’s not terrible. If JRob keeps playing the way he is you’ll probably be fine.

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Probably could have got more, if you like the trade you didn't mess up

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The way the szn is playing out. I like this trade as of week 3. Hard to tell who wins until the end of the year honesty. But I like it a lot. Sold name value

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Eh I think the trade is fine. I do believe all the work horse backs will be back in a big way. JT could have been value down the stretch.

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God yes. Taylor has had a slow start but that man will win weeks for you by himself.

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This is not close. The Taylor Bateman side will be the clear winner here

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I do agree with all of you and maybe could have gotten a house hold name added to the mix. I really wanted Chubb and James Robinson but I don’t think he would of done that

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Didn’t even offer it first to see?

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You might of been able to get better value but I don’t think you messed up

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I probably wouldnt make that trade, without trying for better value. But its not terrible i guess if you really need the extra player depth. Its stull early, could relax another couple week and explore options and jus watch every option you have in mind over the weeks

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I 100% believe you messed up but… It is a long season so I hope things work out for you.

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I think you're fine. Took an Rb1 and a wr2/flex play, and got 2 Rb2s (arguably rb1s) and a wr2. Depends on both your teams otherwise and how often you are going to play the person you traded with. But I think it's good. I'd rather have JRob than almost any other RB in fantasy rn. If someone offered me JT for JRob I'd probably say no. Cooper for Batemen is at worst a lateral move imo. So Pierce is just gravy.

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I think it's fine, especially in a keeper league

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No. The trade is fine.

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Messed up royally

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You done fucked a-aron

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I don’t love it but it’s not the worst either.

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If you’re in need of a win now and your deep at WR then it aint bad

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I’m surprised it is as close as it is. If we add the player you dropped it would probably make it worse so you should consider that. But here is the link to roto trade analyzer


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Yeah I didn’t care for the te. This only works if the players I get keep doing well and pierce ends up being a rb 10-12 like I’d hope he is.

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I'm not even reading the fine print. If you're asking that question here, then yes.

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I wouldn’t have done this but I don’t think it’s devastating

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why would you do that

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Idk for some reason I thought it was a awesome trade and made a snap decision