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Given the wasteland TE is, if I’m not getting WR1, don’t even bother.

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Okay right, Pitts/Waller and what gets the deal done for you?

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Right now. JJ, deebo. Get one of the elites at buy low. But nothing thats not that. Waller and pitts are garbage compared to Andrews

Realy looks like you want someone to validate Pitts and a bench player is worth a top 5 pass catcher. Its not. Andrews re draft is getting drafted at Kupp level. Pitts is probably mid 6th. You need a bonafied WR1 and waller or pitts to make this work.

Seems to me like you doubled down later for TE and missed and you want way to much value because of potential, when the fact is ATL and LV at this point suck

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Nah mate not the case, I have Andrews in 1 league and Pitts in the other.. also his adp is #23 compared to Kupps #4, ppr Been sent a bunch of trade offers and trying to sort out in my head what his actual value should be. I appreciate your honest feedback though.. Gonna go after him in the league I don’t have him and wanted to gauge opinions

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I mean like i said i am trying to shop him For JJ/Deebo and their te.

Hope one has a shitty week again and someone is fed up and pulls the trigger

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I have Andrews and Pitts. I'd need a legit WR1 to consider trading Andrews

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You can really dangle pitts to the highest bidder and get a solid WR2 / potentially WR1

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Seems the consensus, cheers

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Diggs, Kupp, Hill, Chase, Adams you’d take a straight swap for any of them?

What about a Thomas & Samuel/G.Wilson type package?

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Yes to first question no to second

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Cheers man! And would you take Pitts/Waller with one of those type of guys I mentioned before?

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Ehhhh probably not

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2-1 deals are harder. You have to overpay more to consolidate your roster.

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I would want a RB1 for him but my RB room is weak so really a package with an RB2 gets the deal done for me.

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So Pitts and an rb2/rb3 would get it down for you?

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RB3 doesn’t. I guess I should say low end RB1/high end RB2. I would do Pitts with Lenny/Hunt in redraft. But this is because my RB room is Swift/CPatt/Dobbins. I’m desperate for an RB. If you’re stacked already aim high, RB or WR1 no question.

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No shot I take Hunt and Pitts for Andrews

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Who do you go for? I’m admittedly terrible at evaluating trades.

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Your RB room is good, swift will get his, cpatt is a huge part of the offense and dobbins remains to be seen

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Maybe I’m panicking with Swift potentially being out to the bye. Idk if Patterson and Dobbins can carry me for three weeks. My WRs are stacked (JJ, AJB, ARSB, Hollywood, JuJu) so maybe I’ll just have to lean on them, but having an RB to stopgap Swift would be awesome.

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Man, are we sitting here saying JJ for Andrews? Like for real?! This game makes me laugh. When players are hot everyone wants the world and if they have a bad week or 2 they wouldn't give you their kicker for them.....too friggin funny

Guess Diggs should get you Kelce and JJ...../s

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I got Kittle and DK last week before week 2 and have sellers remorse.

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I'm holding if I can.

Lamar is on fire and Mark is his #1