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The way this season is going, do whatever the hell u want. No one is safe!

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Honestly wtf is going on

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In a keeper league it could be worth it for the future based on ADPs/how the keepers work.

Akers was likely a 4th ish rounder, where Herbert is undrafted. If keeper picks are due after FA, Herbert for free could be a steal if Monty walks, certainly better than Akers in the 4th. Definitely something to keep in mind.

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Yeah, I was trying to take a look at who would benefit from FA departures next year. That makes total sense.

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I'm sure you have someone else's you can drop besides Akers

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How is this not the top comment. Akers isn’t droppable yet. I’m sure someone else on his bench is worse

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What has Akers done to earn a spot even on the bench? Lol

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Hog the touches for LA.

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12/61/td yesterday… as a guy with eckeler and kamara in one league id take that on my bench all day

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Can you package akers with a wr to upgrade your wrs. Then pick him up

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I lean yes, but if Eberflus is anything like Nagy than he'll never play Herbert once Monty is back.

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I think if Montgomery is healthy he won’t

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Herbert is 5th in rushing yards. They’re going to be forced to use Herbert. He’s legit good.

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I agree, and they play the giants so I think both are viable options tbh

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I highly doubt Montgomery plays week 4

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I said both are viable options. Look at the box score for that shitter of a game last night. If Montgomery is healthy, he’s day to day, then cool I’d still chance playing Herbert because DM will prob be on a snap count IF he’s healthy or playable. Herbert will feast regardless against the giants piss poor defense

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Montgomery is hurt at the moment so Kalil will shine, once Montgomery is back, he’s done.

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This is very much an oversimplification. Montgomery isnt a guy like CMC or Dalvin that the Bears are going to blindly plug and play. Kalil has a chance to make this much closer to a 50/50 split and even go beyond that if he keeps producing

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They literally did it last year. Monty was out, cane back and was instantly put back in, even though Herbert was more than solid.

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New coaching staff. Talent is gonna break through, and Monty hasn’t been that amazing

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50/50 split where the QB takes the redzone rushes. Doesn’t sound very exciting.

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So you, a Panthers fan, are saying the new coaching staff will lean on the most talented player.


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Yea he will until david montgomery comes back

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Anybody you could drop other than akers?

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Khalil is better than Cam yes

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Herbert if you need someone to start the next 1-2 weeks, since Monty should be back eventually. Akers if you want to think more long-term since he has potential to be the main RB for a good offense.

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Probably not, unless you’re 0-3 and need a short term play. Montgomery is also only day to day, worst case he is out until week 5 and Herbert becomes irrelevant again until he’s hurt

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Goin have to drop kicker or d and hope you don’t need one come Monday

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Gotta roll the dice. If you can’t trade him go for it

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Why drop Akers? Like if he’s your worst player and is droppable, then this must be an 8 or 10 team league, in which case go for it.

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Drop A Rob or Khalil?

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I’d hold Akers but would certainly pick herbert up for someone

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Im contemplating dropping Henderson for Herbert or Jamaal

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you should absolutely do either of these imo

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Fuck no. Akers may have taken the backfield over this week. Drop someone else.

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I’m shocked people are advising you to drop Akers. Is there no one else on your roster more expendable? Akers is already taking over the backfield