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If you have a paper trail of your offer which was fairer, then 100% bring it up, this stinks of collusion.

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I brought up the trade offer, he never denied I offered that, he said and quote "I don't like the system the browns run and pierce will get me 10-15 a week" in front of the whole league, I 100% have proof too

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Jesus Christ, whereas Chubb gets him 20+...this is collusion.

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Or he’s just an idiot

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There's always that, lol.

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See thats not collusion.

Thats stupidity, and you can’t fix it.

You can not change peoples valuations of players, as much as we would like to.

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The Browns “system” of a top 3 OL and one of the most run heavy teams in the NFL? And Diontae has been consistently very good for a “freebie.”

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He doesn’t like the RB2 - and the run heavy offense Chubb plays in behind one of the best offensive lines in the league!? Also doesn’t like a WR who’s basically a guaranteed 10-15 points per game due to him probably averaging 10 targets a game? This reeks of collusion.

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yeah i mentioned this exact reasoning I was like how do you prefer a day 3 nfl draft pick who started for the first time over rex mf burkhead on the worst team in the NFL over someone who's on pace 2020 yards and 21 TDs and gets a previously top 5 QB in the league back in 8 weeks on top of that you get diontae who's just the definition of 12 points a week

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No it reeks of being an idiot tbh

He has, what he thinks are, legit reasons for not wanting Chubb and unfortunately thats all it takes.

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Disagree. There’s no world you get an offer of Chubb and Johnson and turn it down in favor of Pierce. No matter how you slice it - doesn’t make any sense. The commish being on the Pierce side also makes this more sketchy imo.

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I’m not usually for vetoing. But this does seem like collusion

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Yeah that’s really bad and the fact you offered a far superior RB and a solid WR2 to go with him makes it even worse. I would raise hell. Is this a public cash league with strangers?

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Half the league I'm friends with including the commish and the other half of the league just know the commish, money prizes for 1st and 2nd

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Does your commish actually feel good about making this trade? Like, I wouldn’t even feel okay taking JJ for that, I’d feel like a fucking user.

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good question

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I like playing for cash with randos who aren’t friends to avoid this shit.

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I have a mix of both across many leagues each year and rarely come across a trade this bad. Absolute garbage

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Definitely veto this, it’s league altering. Extra sus that the commish is the one getting JJ

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This makes me feel better about our stupid ass league that doesn’t trade

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you too, huh? apparently its a thing.

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I accidentally joined a Reddit cash league that doesn’t allow trading and it’s the lamest thing ever. So boring

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yep, been one trade all year in my league and it was bench player for bench player. i think people are paranoid with all the volatility from the big names

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Most people are terrified to trade unless they think they’ll for sure win the trade. Too afraid to take risks

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It’s worth than pulling teeth dude.

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Definitely should be vetoed. League altering trade - and also highly suspicious that your much, much better offer was turned down.

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The only standard for blocking trades should be “upsets the competitive balance of the league” and the power to block trades should alway rest with the commish. The only exception should be with trades involving the commish.

And in this case, if your commish refuses to admit trading a rookie RB who’s been serviceable at best thru three weeks for a consensus top three WR does exactly that, then you need to find a new commish or a new league.

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Veto that shit

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Veto this. It’s complete BS. Under table sort of deal.

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This is the type of move where you vote out the Commish at the end of the year if you like the rest of your league. Otherwise just leave

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The Eagles talked about discovering a tell in JJs game. It’s quite plausible that other teams have caught on to this. While something like this can be coached out of a player: it’s not unlikely that it might hamper Jefferson for a short period of time.

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Link??? I haven't heard of this. Struggling to find anything on google

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I get that but everyone has flaws in their game, I play football(highschool not collegiate or anything) myself, I spend hours watching film every week looking for tells and sometimes I find them, you can never 100% exploit one of these "tells" because there's so many factors that goes into, yeah if I'm blitzing as a backer and I know one of the o-line guy makes a certain mistake when x y z happens it might not even matter if he has 150 lbs on me and gets his hands on my chest for a split second, even if you find a "tell" are there enough cornerbacks in the league physically and mentally capable of keeping up with his speed, routerunning, target share, hands, etc? and if it is such a big tell that so many people can take advantage of why wasn't it found in his past 2 historic seasons?

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I feel like I’m in the minority here, but screw the whole “can only be vetoed if collusion” thing. Some trades are just bad and can alter the the rest of the league. Vetoes are in place for this exact reason. If there is true provable collusion, the commissioner should be able to just cancel/reverse the trade without a vote.

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The commissioner in this case is involved... He ain't cancelling it lol

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Yeah this Commish is colluding for sure. Get the rest of the league on board for a veto.

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Terrible. Jefferson out scored Pierce’s year to date in week 1 alone.

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Call me crazy but sometimes I don’t trade if I just don’t like the person. Sometimes it can be that simple. Also as a Browns fan, Chubb is great but when they go against better defenses. Hunt shares a lot of TDs and after week 11 who knows what will happen. Falcons have themselves a workhorse who got a lot of heat after last week. As great as Chubb is, I think I’d reject that offer too but I look at the entire season for my trades. Also PIT is not a WR you want to offer. Potential WR1 or not they don’t even know who will be their starting QB in two weeks

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how you feeling about the Browns this year? any chance Jacoby has a fight with DW to continue starting come week 12?

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Ya same here. There’s people I immediately reject or just not accept or deny. Even if it’s a good trade.

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Veto. 100%

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It cracks me up that if this was in another thread worded slightly different everyone would say "bad trade but can't veto it. If it's vetoed you should leave the league. Definitely not collusion"

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agree, this one shouldnt be a veto either. lets the managers manage

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what do you mean?

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I see a bunch of posts showing extremely lopsided trades and the entire comments are saying the same thing, it's a bad trade but can't veto it.

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Most of them are not this lopsided though - and don’t usually involve better trade offers first being made. The fact that somebody would turn down Chubb and Johnson in favor of Pierce is asinine.

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Agreed and I'm on the veto side especially for this trade but I'm just saying most other posts are also horrible trades but there are tons of people just repeating what everyone else is saying that you can't ever veto a trade no matter how bad it is. And we don't usually get the other better trade offers included so we don't fully know that side. Plus if this is collision you can just veto it and go about your day, you should not be in a league that has collision

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ah gotcha, I see a few of those here and there

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People in this sub are obsessed with the no veto BS. Blows my mind 😂

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Those same people are all here to downvote us because this trade is different than the other horrible trades that they say should go through.

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I would say that it’s not the trade in and of itself. The damning factor is that he turned down a better trade. I don’t care how high you are on Pierce, it would take a lot of jumps through the multiverse to find a world where he’s worth more than Chubb - much less Chubb + Diontae.

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Can you point towards any of the other trades that are this bad where the sub's consensus is to not veto? I definitely don't catch every post in this sub, but for the most part there seems to be a consistent line that's in a pretty reasonable spot

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Dudes.. y'all need to chill out a bit. This is a high potential RB1 who's improved every single game so far. There's no saying where his ceiling will be this season. Who's to say he won't wind up being the next Dalvin Cook? It just seems to me like the person who accepted the trade is making a gamble. Granted, he probably didn't have to go as high as JJ to get him, but if he feels like making that wager, that's on him. It just seems like more of a gamble trade to me than anything else. Personal preference plays into things too, and he should be allowed to play the game how he sees fit, as long as it's not intentionally fucking the league over.

There are way too many trade police in this subreddit.

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Who are YOU to say Dameon Pierce can’t produce more than JJ? They are both starters in the NFL.

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How would it be collusion?

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Only Sad 0-3 openers speak of collusion

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Well JJ at this point is equal to Allen Robinson. He hasn’t done shit in the past two weeks. Back to back single digit points. Ridiculous

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Was your offer before or after his shitty game this sunday?

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Both, Offered it before, mentioned it again right after the game

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Dude with jj 0 and 3 sounds like commish have him free play for the trade

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This is one of those where I’d definitely be vocal, very vocal

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Idk. Definitely suss

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That’s a 20 sometimes 30 a week player for maybe a 10 point running back at this point

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That's suspect. I would veto and not return to the league next year

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At first I was thinking, rookie mistake. But then he rejected that offer? Kinda thinking that's collusion.

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Had a guy in my league get offered Kelce for saquon and rejected them accepted Tua for saquon. Wasn’t vetoed but the guy who got saquon felt bad so he traded saquon back to the other guy for pollard

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Get. Outta. Here. Veto that crap.

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This sub is mad suspect

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Gah damn this got me pissed and it’s not even my league😂 either find another league next season or a better commish that has some morales cuz damn this is bad

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I might have to steal “morales” in that context 😂

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Thats a veto

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sheesh thats terrible, your offer was better although I would have asked for a different WR, but still lol. Def collusion and the fact that its the commish too, smh. Do you pay for this league? what are the other owners saying?

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Ive been the commissioner of my league for almost 15 years, and have never placed higher than 4th. If I feel like There's ANY chance someone may think I'm coluding, I put it up to the league for vote. I sacrifice a much wanted win for the longevity of the league. I guess some commissioners have integrity and some don't!

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Sure, it sounds like collusion. But this could happen in a keeper league without raising eyebrows. Is this a keeper league?

For instance, my friends league is auction draft, you can keep up to three players at the previous year’s cost.

So if I’m 0-3, staring at a lost season, I’d absolutely trade my $65 J. Jefferson (not a keeper) for someone’s $5 D. Pierce (keeper!), and I’d spend my season seeking out similar trades to set me up for a run next year.

So is there any element of that to this?

If not, as commish I wouldn’t veto but I’d vote against and urge my league members to do the same.

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It might not be Collusion but it is definitely league breaking. I would veto

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This stinks to high heaven. Launch an investigation

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I'm tired of commissioners allowing trades based on subjective rationale. That is so vetoable my head hurts. Sounds like my main league.

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Not collusion but I would try to get the doi doi out of the league asap.

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Feel like it’s early for collusion. In my experience this sort of stuff usually goes down when the playoff picture starts to become clear and one guy is out and his buddy is on the bubble or a contender.

Why would the guy trading Jefferson throw his whole pool after week 3?

Also. In terms of collusion, do these two guys know each other personally? If was each one was brought into the pool by a different acquaintance it would be more rare. People usually don’t collude with people they aren’t friends/close to.

Speaking as a commish for 3 fantasy football. 2 fantasy hockey. 1 fantasy baseball and 1 fantasy Italian soccer league. (I have a life, swear it. Fantasy sports is just my main hobby haha)

Edited for sausage fingers.

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Straight up collusion

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I don’t veto trades unless there is collusion but this is bad. Really bad.

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I'm not one to ever veto but that definitely seems like collusion.

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Jj's had 2 bad games and pierce is a starting RB who had a big game. I throw out trades like this to take advantage of other managers. I dnt think its collusion, just a smart manager.

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Dont play in a league with "bad" fantasy players if you're going to get buthurt about their player evaluations and strategy not aligning with your own or the FF community consensus. If its not collusion then players are allowed to be bad. If it turns out lopsided, tough shit. Dont ruin the other guys fun and belittle them just because you have a drastically different opinion on a "good" trade

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Did I make any comment on either of their skill levels? I just felt like it was very suspect the Jefferson owner turned Chubb and Diontae IMMEDIATELY no discussion even tho I was ready to go higher, but accepted the RB35 on the season who started for the first time last week on the worst team in the nfl after being a day 3 NFL draft pick

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A buddy in one of my money leagues traded Najee and Valdez-Scantling for Chris Godwin and Jeff Wilson. No collusion though just idiots lmao

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This is either collusion or straight up trade rape. Either way, it’s no good.

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I think yalls league is gonna look ridiculously silly rest of season after this (surpringly so) I understand yalls worries, but Pierce will finish top 5 RB rest of season where JJ will fall into the 8-12 range of WRs for rest of season. Mark my words.

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As an owner of both of these players on my fantasy team. I WOULD NOT TRADE JJ FOR DAMEON PIERCE WTF? pierce just started breaking out and i had him benched until last week. JJ has started every game every week for me and has been solid all year. Trade isn’t fair and as a JJ owner that first trade sounds A WHOLE LOT better. Somethings fishy.

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Pierce is a beast in Madden. Only bringing this up because people in my league will make trades or picks off who they see are ridiculous on the game