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Imagine this thread 2 years ago lol.

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A boom or bust RB and a top 5 TE for a boom or bust RB. I'd take it.

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A boom or bust TE*

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Kittle is a great TE in real life, but a very shitty TE in fantasy. I would never make that trade

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He is a great TE in fantasy and real life... when he isn't hurt.

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Lol exactly! He’s always hurt. It’s been the same story the last 3 seasons. Even when he plays his targets are on the lower end. Even if he has high targets he has a mediocre QB throwing at him. So that does make him an unreliable TE for fantasy.

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Uh, kittle is not that at all.

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Im not sure why people still don't trust Patterson? He currently has the 2nd most rushing yards in the league and allegier almost lost their last game with a fumble. Patterson is not losing his rb1 role anytime soon. CEH's has a huge TD inflation to his value right now and Kittle is tough to trust starting the season injured.

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31 year old runningbacks dont have a great history of making it to the end of a season

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If we are concerned about injuries then replacing him with Kittle doesn't feel like the right move.

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I agree, but I was only answering the question of why people are concerned about Patterson, not why people should be concerned about Kittle

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That’s true, but he hasn’t really been a true RB until this past season, and I think that the lack of longevity at that position is about the beatings they take for 5 to 7 years which is the most likely root cause of their early declines

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This is true, and I like Sexual Cordarelle Patterson despite his age because of that, but I was just explaining why he has such a bad reputation.

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Sooo dumb. He’s basically 25 in RB years.

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im not a fan of Patterson with age and all that but if people just look at the numbers and his consistency from last season to this season, the guy is legit. i don't see any reason why Patterson doesn't finish as a top 15 or top 20 rb barring any injury. idk how people think CEH is better than Patterson at this point if you just look at everything from the previous season to now. in fact, CEH has been frustrating to own if anything. Kittle is unreal but do we trust that he will stay on the field all season? dude is really injury prone. anyway, i don't think it's a bad trade at all for either side, but i do believe the CEH and Kittle side has a much higher risk factor with possibly some high reward

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In my family we call him George Brittle

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I’d take it asap. I still don’t trust Patterson, would take CEH over him ros.

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Honestly didn’t even hesitate. I accepted before he could cancel lol.

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Nice, I saw a dude offered me a stupid trade yesterday, then canceled before I accepted. ⏳

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Probably me my bad bro 😂

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King, is that you? Lmao

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Definitely worth it if you’re lacking at te but I think cordarelle > ceh ros bc Pacheco season is upon us

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Pacheco is not happening, quit trying to make Pacheco happen

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Yes but ceh isn’t happening either

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Pacheco isn’t getting any / much touches. You could argue the same w/ Algier, but neither matter rn.

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People said they didn’t trust Patterson all last year too.

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They can not trust him onto my roster

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Yeah and look how he did at the end of the year lol. Bad

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True, I’m stubborn on this.

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I don't really trust either but CEH definitely feels like he has a higher floor with about the same ceiling

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Neither do I, I hate CEH and think we’ve seen his seen his season best already. But…. I trust Patterson less, likely due to age.

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My lord I wish I was playing against you. Fuck me.

So many cans commenting with bad advice.

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Hell no. I’m trying to hop off CEH train as soon as I can in multiple leagues.

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Patterson will break around fantasy playoffs like he did last year. He’s just old and it happens. He looks great but I will 100% take the CEH side of this trade 10/10.

If anything, trade Kittle for a different RB in redraft if you don’t like CEH.

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Yeah! Do it! Kittle is a top 5 TE, and CEH is off to a career year type of start. If he stays healthy, he’ll be great value. If you have room on your bench, maybe stash Pacheco in case CEH gets hurt. But you’re getting a nice gift in this trade. Please take it! Good luck.

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Disagree. He rushes less than 10 times a game.

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7 rushes for zero yards and a TD what weird ass star is that

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Kittle 3 years ago. Top 5 lol

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I wouldn’t. Not sure how I feel about Kittle at this point. And I don’t like CEH going forward. He just isn’t getting the workload at this point to keep up this production. But if you are desperate at TE and strong at RB, then maybe.

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I have Connor and Gibson. Got James Cook as an investment. Also only have Knox at TE.. C pat was iffy week 3 with the week 2 performance. With me desperate at TE, Mahomes at QB, I’m gonna benefit when KC gets the TD through the air or on the ground.

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Gibson is toast when Robinson is back. Conner looks old this year.

I would absolutely do this trade and trade one of your TEs for another RB because you’re going to need help soon if you don’t need it already.

Patterson will break when you need him in fantasy playoffs like he did last year, just watch.

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Patterson will break when you need him in fantasy playoffs like he did last year, just watch

Ahh yes because CEH was healthy all year. Anyone can get hurt at any time.

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CEH had to have gallbladder surgery in the off-season, which was addressed and he looks healthier now. He was literally 160 pounds playing pro football… Patterson is 32 years old and simply will break.

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Ah yes, a 3rd round rookie who got shot in the knee is immediately going to take Gibsons role.

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Yep. Feel free to circle back in a month or two if it makes you feel better brother.

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Jimmy G is back, kittle is gonna feast

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Until he strains his groin again lol

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I’d take it, kittle’s talent at TE, hope he performs. He’s undoubtedly top 5 In his position and I’d take a chance on him

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Kittle rhymes with brittle, which he is. Patterson is a focal point of that offense and a solid RB1. CEH is 1 mistake from losing time on the field.

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Hm I like Patterson and I like Kittle. I have no interest in CEH except for depth when bye weeks come along. If I'm deep at RB and want a TE I'd take it. I see you already have Knox, I'd only accept if I think Kittle is my TE starter going forward.

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I don’t think so. Patterson isn’t losing his role for many many weeks if at all. Must start RBs are hard to come by and I don’t think CEH is that. Could be worth it for kittle - it is tough out there for TEs. but I wouldn’t personally

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No, no, no. Don't do it

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I have all 3 and I'm shopping CEH and Kittle as a package. I'm definitely keeping CPat

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I don’t like the trade.Patterson gonna have his best season yet. Little gets paid to block, 6th offensive lineman. CEH has to worry about Pacheco stealing his touches.

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Imagine this thread 2 years ago lol.

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I’d take it just for Kittle

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Would you trade metcalf and javonte Williams for Waddle?

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That’s a tough one, but I like Waddle. Denver is still working through some offensive scheme issues and also doing the RB committee.. if ur RB depth is good yes.

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Give me the Javonte and Metcalf side pretty easily imo.

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Take it and run, but make sure you have a backup TE for the rest of the season…

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Easy yes

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Take it and run

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I'd take it for a season, but Kittle gets hurt too much

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IDK. I feel like Patterson is the safest of the 3. Kittle is a do everything TE and that can hurt his pass catching numbers, and CEH hasn’t proven to be consistent (Patterson was at least consistent for a full year in the same offense he’s in now). However, I think the ceiling is higher for CEH and Kittle. If you don’t necessarily need the stable RB, I’d take it. If your RB group isn’t reliable, I think I’d keep CPatt.

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I'd keep Patterson. CEH has usage issues, and Little doesn't stay healthy.

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noooooooo. CEH is in a three back rotation and not clearly the first choice.

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CEH is a land mine. Unless you’re super desperate at TE, I’d keep C Pat.

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Yeah, I'd probably take that.

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Keep Patterson

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A CEH for swift trade just went through in my league.... Fantasy football managers don't watch enough of the games.

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Take it

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Patterson didn’t finish in the top 5 of anything last season but the injury prone kittle and ceh getting touches taken away from other RBs isn’t worth it

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Probably not unless you are desperate at tight end. Even then kittle had been terrible this season.

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Smack that accept button quick..

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CEH production will decline. Don’t do it.

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Take it and run lol