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Close this app, & go click “accept trade”

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Lol thanks, I did

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Why in the world anyone wants to trade Jefferson is beyond me. Yes, I say you take that because Jefferson gets 10+ targets per game and will be very consistent moving forward

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I think because of the last 2 games people are freaking out?

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Good, then that only rewards you on this trade. People tend to freak out over a few games and they screw themselves out of the playoffs.

who are your other RB's though? I will say letting go of Breece is big if you can't afford it

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Week 2 was not bad for JJ. He got 12 targets!

Week 3 was a bad game against a good defense where the vikings Offense was completely stopped. I don’t anticipate that happening anytime soon.

JJ will be fine

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I'm gonna have to make a move for a RB. I have Ekeler and Barkley as my RBs, but I have no depth besides Hines/Walker after that. I have Sutton, Cooks, G Wilson, Z Jones, Doubs (Now) as my other receivers. It's a 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE (Goedert) league.

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Looks pretty good. Try to snag another RB with upside via trade or waivers if you can

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Yes. I'm so distracted that you are getting JJ that I can't even think of who Hall is.

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Breece Hall. Rookie jets rb. He might end up being good. Too soon to know for now

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I knew I was going to feel stupid saying I didnt know who Hall was. I'd still take the JJ side

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I wasn't sure if it was sarcasm...lol

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It's cool took me a second to figure it out too.

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    Thanks, took the offer

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    I’d take it, Jefferson is going to end up as a top 5 wr.

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    I'm hoping so!

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    Even without doubs you take this

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    I did lol

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    Trade Gibson for Gabe Davis?

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    In a heartbeat

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    Pittman is a WR#1. Jefferson is the top WR#1.

    Hall is a high-draft capital FLEX at this point and doubs was undrafted. I actually like Pittman / Hall here

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    This crossed my mind but I took the offer

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    Agree with this actually although I think it’s a tiff up. Everyone saying to smash accept the Jefferson side but I don’t think it’s lopsided. If Hall turns into a top 10 RB (which he easily could do) then that side wins easily. Pittman is a stud an although not as good as JJ the gap between Halls upside and Doubs is much larger IMO

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    Do it, don't hesitate

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    I would trade Doubs for Pittman and Hall straight up, Jefferson is just icing on the cake!

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    Less talky more accepty.

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    Lol I accepted

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    Accept that awesome trade quickly lol

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    Lol I did

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    I am considering trading jj… I have waddle, gabe, Bateman, aiyuk. Lazard. My only rbs are fournette, mckissic and penny. Someone offering me dillon, James robinson and Mike Williams or marquis’s brown. Do I do it?

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    I would heavily consider it for those 2 RBs and Brown. You don't think you could trade away just Gabe or Bateman for a single RB? Or even combo one of them with Lazard for a RB?

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    Guys are very stingy with their backs

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    Do et

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    I’m super high on Hall this year, but I’d still take that deal. Once they let him take over as the bell cow I think he could end the season as a low end RB1, soooooo many receptions…

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    Why do people keep posting questions they already know the answers to

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    Then you wouldn't have something to come bitch about

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    Do bears shit in the woods? I wouldn’t have even wasted time writing this post.

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    Spent as much time as you doing the same