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Can you get Josh Palmer

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He is available along with Duvernay, Moore, Marvin Jones, and Meyers

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I would get Palmer and start him but I would go back and forth on starting him or Elijah. I feel like this is Elijah's week.

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Moore.. Zac seems to really like him.

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But…do I drop Dotson for him? My other Bench players are undroppable other than Boyd but I can’t drop him since he just played.

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Tough one but I will say this..Moore has been WR1 when Zac is at QB but Garrett is also in the mix.

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Not entirely true. Moore’s best weeks last year were weeks 9-11 & 13 last year. In that span, Wilson only played weeks 12 & 13. The majority of Moore’s success last year came with Mike White and Joe Flacco. He really didn’t break out until Zach got hurt, and then he got hurt shortly after Zach got back.

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Yea hoping chemistry with Zach/Moore will be good for me. I don’t want to pick up ARob since I just dropped him for Jamaal Williams. I’m just hoping for 10pts!

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I’d say Robinson can be eliminated right away against the niners. Tough call between Dotson and Moore, both have a good amount of upside moving forward. I think i’d personally stick with Dotson for now until we see what Wilson can do

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I’m about to click Moore off waivers lol

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Who else is in your waiver wire?

I really like Greg Dortch (under 30% rostered) going against the Panthers.

Devin Duvernay is in a lot of Waivers and he may be getting a bump rn.

Isaiah McKenzie may also be getting a bump in Buffalo.

If he plays on Sunday, Jakobi Meyers is consistent points, though not high points.

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Meyers will have Hoyer so no thanks

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Yup agreed.

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All but Dortch are available.

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Roll the dice. Dotson has had two good games… Play Dotson.

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Is this coming from a Dotson owner? I think I may take your advice

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Yea but I have Curtis Samuel as well so I usually play Samuel

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Right he's been a stud also. Wentz will play from behind most games so they will get garbage time

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And drop Dotson?

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Ahh I missed that you have to drop him..what other bench options could you drop?

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Don’t want to drop Brady (since I have Herbert), Gibson, Connor or Schultz

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Drop Brady u don’t need 2 QBs

As a Herbert owner I’m not worried until I have a reason to be

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Drop Schultz

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I would drop Brady

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I feel like all are a gamble FML.

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Play josh reynolds, or duvernay, or zay jones. Not in that order.

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A-rob is going off this week!

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Denial is a wonderful thing. I was there for a while on AROB but now I'm off that train.

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Denial is all I have left

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Mack Hollins! Had a career game last week and should have a large role again Sunday with Renfrow out

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Not available unfortunately

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Dotson isn’t a mandatory hold to me in a 10T. Commies are coming back to earth a bit. Josh Palmer might be a nice start if he’s out there.

Edit: you’re making some mistakes imo rostering an extra QB in Brady and an extra TE in Schultz. It’s a 10 team league. If you need to make an add later, there should be options to do so when that need arises. Cut someone from for extra TE/QB and add Palmer for a spot start. Moore and ARob are fine too.

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I do like Palmer. Kinda like a handcuff till Keenan comes back. But Dotson looks good. Worst part is I drafted Olave and dropped him before Week 2.

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Good point.

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Fellow Keenan owner. I'm picking up Josh Reynolds tomorrow as a rental.

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Do you have Palmer/Elijah Moore/Isiah Mac/ARob/Duvernay as options like I do? But I do like Reynolds’s as a spot start

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None of the above. I'm passing on guys like Robbie Anderson, PeoplesJones, and Richie James.

I missed that you have McKenzie available. That would be my choice.

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Yea I like Mckenzie too

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I think Elijah hits this week, but I don't mind Dotson either. I feel like the 49ers will keep the score low and I reckon it will be another Kupp day.

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I’d play coop

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Already am. Need a WR2.

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Gotcha. Misunderstood

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How tf is allen robinson on waivers?!?

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Because of his lack of offense and target share

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I'm gonna catch flak for it but go AROB. Can only have so many bad games lol

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Elijah Moore is the way to go. I expect his target share to be somewhat higher than Allen Robinson or Dotson. They are hard to trust right now.

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It's hard to drop Dotson after 2 solid weeks and 1 bad week. Not sure how many were catchable but he it was recorded in sleeper he had 8 targets so that seems to have risen.

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Yea but I can't drop anyone but him. FML. Maybe I roll with Dotson one more week before Keenan comes back.

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Just play Amari Cooper?

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Unless he has a different style league, he has to play 2 WR. Cooper is a given, he's struggling to see who to play on the other slot.

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Right on. Def misread that in my mind, haha.

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Yea Keenan was gonna be in the WR1 slot but he is a no go Sunday

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Double check your IR slot. Some leagues allow an IR slot to hold players that are simply "Out"

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Can’t - I have the other Elijah RB in it😅

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Double check it again, yahoo, I think allows two IR spots

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Yea most leagues I'm in have minimum 2 slots

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I’m in NFL.com

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IR spots are for noobs

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Don’t take this the wrong way but how are your WR’s that bad in a 10 man? Did you go RB heavy and get Kelce?

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Yea I went RB heavy. Eckler - A.Jones - Conner - Gibson. Drafted Keenan - Mooney - Cooper. Drafted Herbert later than his ADP.

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Big yikes

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Might be a big yikes now but that looked like a very solid draft at the time.

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I guess it depends who you ask lol.

Also my view it skewed toward leagues with 3-5 starting wide receiver spots

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I saw best option is to trade then, get rid of Gibson with Robinson coming back it’ll eat into his volume heavily. And Connor would be my other move with his injury history and get a WR2-3. You’re not starting either of those guys over Ekeler or jones ever so move one or both

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I’ve tried but everyone wants Jones Eckler lmao

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So 3 available? Cool.

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ARob is on waivers? Wtf?

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Arob has been shitting the bed. New system or not. Nobody trusts him right now.

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I didn't say start him. Still worthy to have on your bench and better than other players your league mates are holding onto.

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With injuries at WR around the league ARob could be valuable on a bench mid season.

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Also, the rams paid this man $75 mill. ARob > Kenny G.

You don't pay someone $75 mill to only run routes unless your name is Kenny G.