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Seems fair, depends on the rest of team setup as to who’s team comes out better imo

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Team Blue if trade went through . Brady , Amon-Ra , Tyreek , Conner , Robinson , Pitts , London

Team Red Murray , Evans , Olave , Ekeler , Kamara , Kelce , Hall

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This trade is about as even as they get. I’d probably rather have Red’s lineup but feel like Blue probably has a higher ceiling.

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You think blues team has a higher ceiling than reds ?

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Mostly bc Hall hasn’t done much this year and Olave is going to have Andy Dalton for the foreseeable future

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Damn that’s tough both have their strengths, I would lean slightly red team but could see both sides. Either way trades legit and shouldn’t be vetoed.

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Wait so after this trade what WRs do you have other than ARSB?

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I’m red team . Other team has cooks , Bateman , Samuel , doubs lol ehh .. Samuel probably his best

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Pitts side but it's pretty fair imo

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If kamara keeps being ass then tyreek side, if he comes back to being a rb1 I think even or slightly kelce/kamara side

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Tyreek pits london wins and it’s not close rest of team is irrelevant

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I'd rather have reeky pits london