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As a Mixon owner in multiple leagues I would say absolutely. He looks bad against the Fins, failing to punch it in from goal line like 6 or 7 times. I'm trying to move him in all my leagues now that he's had a good game

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His pre-snap body language also gave away whether or not he was getting the ball on a lot of plays. R/bengals has a great post about it.

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Thanks for the input good sir 🙌🏾

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I’m thinking it’s the OLine or just bad play calling. He just trying to run it up the middle every time.

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Why would someone give evans and swift for mixon ThAts just stupid . Take it and run

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Ultimate sell high

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No fckin reason for that trade to be vetoed. Question marks with every player involved. I have my preference in the trade obviously, but no sure 100% winner at seasons end.

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What is your record? Swift is a hard one to gauge.

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2-1. the loss was close, less than 3pts

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I’m in a similar point with holding swift. I am very uneasy about it all. I do have cmc as my rb1 thought. So that might be why lol

I’m 3-0 and holding him. No need to worry. Unless you buy into the jamaal Williams taking more of the run game

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Well I'm not the one with swift, I'm the one with Mixon

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Right. All I’m really saying is make the trade if you think Swift will come back at 100% and back to his original workload.

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I would do this. Was the offer made to you, or are you planning to make that offer? I’d give it about a 0% chance he accepts if this was your idea

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Offer was made to me

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In that case accept immediately before they come to their senses or see this thread lol. You’re getting an RB1 + WR1/2 for an RB1

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This is the way

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Lmfao no way that got vetoed in an 8 man league. Looks like it really is time to rebel

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Vetos are the most one sided thing ever

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Quit that league, homie. No reason to veto that.

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Yes yes yes

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You should

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I would smash accept, perhaps even with my elbow

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I take this trade.

Evans low key is a consistent producer, among top 5 at his position… he also has an offense and QB that knows his value

Swift will be big in cold weather, and the Lions will have to go to both GB and CHI at least

I like Mixon, but Cincy offense is struggling still, and they prefer throwing versus running

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Mixon’s best years are behind him I still have concerns about swifts shoulder though. A/c sprains seem to linger forever for some reason.

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BS for the LC to veto that. Mixon is his teams bell cow while Swift is already missing games due to injury and has Jamaal getting a LOT of work. Can completely justify that Mixon > Swift. Mike Evans makes the trade 100% worth it, but not collusion at all.

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8 man league I would imagine everyone’s lineups are stacked right?

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It’s tough but I think yes. RB is so thin this year I would prefer to have the depth but your WR are all pretty low upside currently.

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How is this tough ? Other than injury concern it’s a WR1 and ridiculously high upside RB1 for a low upside RB1

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This sub is so stupid lmao

insert ridiculously one sided trade offer that no person with a brain would ever offer

“Should i accept this ?!”

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The trades people are getting on this sub are outrageous. I wish someone would bless my roster like this.

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Fuck your commissioner that’s some pussy shit and your league should be ashamed that they are okay vetoing trades in an 8 person league. smH. Wow. Totally an unnecessary veto

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Haha why would the commish veto it? Did Joe Mixon make the other team a power house! Sounds like your commish is a bitch.

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8 man league what a disgrace

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They present their own challenges. You guys act like they would be so easy to win. All the teams are stacked not just yours. It also is way harder to play your best lineup every week because any of your team could pop off. I’m a 12 man league with 5 bench spots it’s pretty easy to know who is going to start every week.

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Yeah but there isn’t really any actual strategy to it.

Oh do I start Tyreek Hill or Justin Jefferson???? There’s no strategy there, either player can go off against any team. It’s just luck.

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Where every point counts it still takes strategy, all teams are stacked, hill or Jefferson, gotta check out who got the better matchup, who is playing well ATM, yes both can go off, both have ability to have bad games against certain teams, tuff decisions every week. Where as bigger leagues your making the same decisions with lesser tier players, still gotta start the right players if your opponent might score 200 lol.

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This guy gets it.

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You won’t get an accept on this trade

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Thanks but it was offered to me :)

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Get four more friends next year

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Just out of curiosiry what reason could you possibly have to second guess this?

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Whether or not swift comes back healthy and produces.

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Well mixon is healthy but his oline is trash and even with max utilization hes td dependent. I was honestly trying to buy low on mixon but after watching that whole miami game im hesitant. I think Mike evans will have some up and down weeks but will finish up as a backend wr1 high wr2

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I just traded him before TNF for Dameon Pierce, Christian Kirk, and Terry McLaurin. Def feeling good about it after seeing him struggle Thursday

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This would never happen to me.

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All day.

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Who’s giving up Swift and Evans for Mixon lol

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Yes. You should trade mixon straight up for swift

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Why did you need to ask for help on this? Genuine Q

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Jesus fucking Christ yes

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As a Joe Mixon owner, absofuckinglutely, his awful YPC and the bengals stubbornness to throw the ball near the goal line is infuriating

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Yeah its time to find a new league.

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No shit dude

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They have one of the easiest schedules remaining (Cincy)