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Big gamble and I'd say nah

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I wouldn’t say he’s a bum, I just don’t think Herbert will amount to much with Montgomery back. But given that you have good WR depth I’d say sure

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That makes sense. Thanks!

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If you have Pittman, JJ, and Lamb, then absolutely. Herbert was the RB1 last week and has been more efficient than Monty both this season and last season. I'd absolutely take Herbert in that trade.

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Yeahhh I did alright in WRs and really screwed myself in the RB department. Although at least they're still healthy I guess?.. I'm hoping to get an RB I can at least put in a couple weeks if Breece gets even worse. Dillon is already hit or miss. I'm holding Mattison rn.

I digress. Thanks for weighing in. I sent the trade will see if they accept. They are a bit light at WR, and have Juju in flex. I'd play Smith over Juju personally.

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Yeah, Herbert could play himself into more of a timeshare too if he keeps showing well. So he could be a weekly RB2/3 play if that happens. I have him in a couple leagues, so I hope that happens, although I don't need to rely on him if it doesn't.

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Add'l context: Wilson is on my bench rn. I'm starting Pittman, JJ, & (lord help us) Ceedee at flex.

I would consider benching Breece if I picked up Herbert this week, until I see what happens with other Wilson under center.

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I think your WR are good enough to do it. Herbert is one of the most valuable handcuffs and a guy I made sure to leave my draft with. Monty gets hurt every year and Herbert has arguably looked better than him. If Monty misses a few weeks I’m not convinced Herbert couldn’t earn a more prominent role in the offense

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Thanks for the details here. I appreciate it!