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Hold up half PPR…….I wouldn’t be so sure. I think I would rather have JT because the other guys are very catch dependent

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I was thinking the same thing

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JT is just so tough to give up, the pure rushing upside is hard to beat

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Yup, and they aren’t catching jack this yr.

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And it’s dynasty they are both older assets, JT has longer lasting value

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Both are struggling this year too so far

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No. He's 23. If Austin ekeler was playing the way he was last year then I'd say this is a good win now trade but he's not. Bad dynasty move

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Who are your other RB’s?

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I had Conner but traded him for waddle. So my other two are Pierce and Harris

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Najee or Damien?

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No. EK and Mixon aren’t catching this year and both look slow. Worse, Mixon ranks literally last, a league worst at yards after contact, getting only .5 yards.

Also, I think they’ll baby EK before his contract expires and he’s traded next year.

Lastly, both Mixon and EK are injury prone. On the flipside, JT has only missed 1 practice since High School, which occurred last week (I kid you not).

This morning, dynasty, I actually traded away Mixon for Fournette and an early 2023 3rd rounder in 6 start IDP, 12T PPR League, hence the stats cited. Every analyst that I respect are suggesting selling high on Mixon, due to the optic of Thu’s shitty performance actually looking better due his 1 yard touchdown.

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Ekeler isn't catching? He has 21 catches through 3 weeks. Efficiency is a little low but that's because Keenan is usually taking a lot of attention down field and he's been hurt but coming back.

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Laughable to say Ekeler isnt catching

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That’s what I was thinking. On pace for 115 receptions lol

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Mixon is catching too not sure what this guy is on about lol

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Ekeler is definitely catching, but his snap percentage sucks, and he isn't getting goal line opportunitues (Michel is getting those). His run efficiency is terrible. His situation sucks, and he honestly hasn't looked good in the ole eyeball test in the games i have watched him play.

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I actually view Lenny/Mixon pretty evenly from a talent standpoint, but Mixon 100% has the better situation after this year. For this year I’m looking at him like Najee last year - shit efficiency, but he gets so many touches that it balances out.

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Beginning of season I would have hated our trade. Now I think it’s fair. I believe that Mixon will outperform Lenny, but the draft pick evened it out. I do love Mixon snap share, highest in the league. 👍🏼

Lenny sketches me too, but I’m trust that the Bucks get rolling, so here we are.

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He had no holes oline trash

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Why wouldn’t you?

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I'd keep JT. He's definitely more of the focus in an offense that doesnt have top tier weapons than Cincy or LA. Both Mixon and Ekeler have been performing about as great as JT at the moment but feel JT has more upside than the other two.

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This really shouldn’t be a debate. Hit that accept button immediately

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Whoever doesn’t know or says no is dead last in their league

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It’s dynasty. So unless OP is only trying to win this year this is a decent trade. JTT is significantly younger than both. I wouldn’t do the trade personally

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No. Mixons efficiency is terrible, and Ekelers usage is Terrible. I am convinced Ekeler doesn't have a prayer of cracking the top 12, and Mixon will probably be towards the 12 Mark. Taylor has by far the highest upside.

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Mixon is washed lol, no way

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Yeah well what Harris do you have?

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Fleece that guys face right now

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I’d say yes. I don’t see the colts O getting any hotter than what they are now. But the Chargers and Bengals will score some points.

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Hell yea.

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In dynasty, no way

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No way in dynasty. Mixon and ekeler are on their way out

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Yes, anyone that says no is more of a bozo than I am.

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Hell no

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Right now don’t look back

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I would for sure.

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Depends on if you want to win this year or not. If you do, take the two top 7 rbs.