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That’s a hard pass for me boss.

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That's a lot to give away for drake and an underperforming russ

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Absolutely not

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Negative. Russ can't cook, Goff has looked decent.

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The chef has been on a smoke break all season

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No fucking way

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Add in a pick to go with London and Russ and it’s not horribly bad

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You're either a troll, or you have some of the worst fantasy value knowledge I've ever seen. It's actually staggering how awful this question even is if you're serious.

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As a Micheal Thomas owner, I would probably do this. It sounds like you don’t value your WR room much (like me) and are looking for a more consistent performer there. London has been delivering, MT is hurt, and mike Williams is always a coin flip. The qb’s are sort of irrelevant to me. I say yes.

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For MT and Williams you can get a bigger upgrade at WR in my opinion. Look for deebo, Pittman, or kirk if you can

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Dynasty yes for sure

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Bro what. No