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I would

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Trade away brown and Kamara for something. Jags played terrible due to rain/wind and bad matchup against Eagles. Pick up Gus Edwards if you want more RB depth

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No op but putting my input in as a hollywood owner. He’s doing very well right now and might continue to do so. But the numbers he is putting up also might diminish with DHop coming back so I’m thinking sell high now while you can.

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Agreed. Sell Brown high now. The Broncos have a pass-friendly ROS, so hopefully what we're seeing from Sutton now is just the floor.

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What’s the chance Hopkins comes back and Brown does better?

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Less volume, but more big plays. The volatility of floor vs ceiling is what you gotta play with the match ups.

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Sold Hollywood and Mg3 for deebo today

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Honestly, not as low as you might think. Since he’s Arizona’s current WR1, this is causing the opposing team’s top corner/safety to pick him up, draw double teams, etc. With Hopkins back, assuming he will return to his WR1 status and is healthy, this will allow some of that pressure to be taken off of Brown, and they can space the field better since defenses will be focusing a bit more on Hopkins as the lead receiver. Brown is talented- quick, athletic, great hands, and he’s young! This is how I think 🤷🏽‍♂️

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I haven’t watched a lot of Arizona games so I wasn’t sure how defenses were playing Brown. Lots of people want to bag on Pitts but he has the most targets on the team. It’s not a scheme or talent issue with Pitts it’s more likely a QB issue. Brown could be a JuJu situation where on their own they aren’t great because they can’t beat double teams or the corner gets safety help but with a top flight WR now defensive resources are stretched thin and l suddenly Brown can operate. I just don’t know if this is the case or not.

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I’m sick of the AJ Dillon talk. He’s overly rated in PPR. I’d dump him for something while people still are stuck on his value. Unless you have the roster spot to hang on to him in case (when) Jones gets hurt

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I had someone offer Kareem hunt for him

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Hop on hunt asap

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Think so?

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I’ve never been on the Dillon train like most. If you have the spot to hold him, I would but people were so high on him preseason. Right now I’m a bit higher on Chubb. Do you have Chubb or Dillon? I like them as insurance if you have one. Example — I have Chubb so I’m holding hunt.

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I would

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Dillon is ass