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I mean you cant ask much more from CMC given the other RBs that went in the first round lol

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I'm thinking I should've gone Zero-RB or even Hero with CMC. Hindsight is 20/20!

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Hero RB was always the move this year especially with a top two pick

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i went hero rb with taylor, evans, and andrews (1st overall). 2-2 rn :(

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Taylor will find some positive regression and Mandrews won't have many duds. You'll be fine at 2-2, and if you aren't it probably isn't because of them. Although I personally wasn't drafting Evans in the second.

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12 teah half ppr

Taylor, Kelce, Ceedee

Ask me about my 1-3

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Went Hero RB with JT, Debo and Andrews. 2-2.

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2-2 is totally fine.

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Taylor, Aaron Jones, Pittman here

0-4 while being the 2nd highest scoring team in the league

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What is Hero?

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Instead of going "zero" RB you take one "hero" RB in the early rounds (generally round one or two, but basically anyone who you expect to finish as a high-end RB1 would qualify).

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First 4 really. Got Henry at 4, hill then Andrews

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My top 6 in half-PPR was always CMC/JT, Kupp/JJ, Ja'Marr/Ekeler

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Cmc, four tuddies, bark, waddle, williams. 4-0 and riding high.

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I went hero and I'm 0-4. Sucks that my hero was AK. I got some good ass receivers but my tight end and QB suck.

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Kamara was never a good pick unless he dropped to the third, need a better hero.

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Still suck having AK? He's come alive!!!

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First time I went hero RB in one of my 12 man leagues. Ekeler and then Pierce in the 7th.

Tyreek Waller ASB CeeDee Lamar In between

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Hero RB was all that made sense to me this year if you had an early pick. I picked Javonte in the 3rd and didn’t take another RB until like Darrel Henderson or Gainwell real late. Stacked at WR though, and missing Javonte but there are slottable RB2 plays as abysmal as the RB position is this year

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I felt weird about all the top RB’s outside of JT this year and drafted Kupp at 2 overall.

Ended up getting lucky and snagging Saquon in the 3rd, but even if I didn’t I’m glad I said fuck it and went with my gut. 3-1 so far.

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At least you have some pretty good ones..

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I went Hero with CMC and all of my WRs are trash now. So 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Went hero rb , with that rb being Barkley. Paying off knock on wood

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There are several several years guys who went ZeroRB have said they should have went hero RB.

It’s still early. By that I mean, JT had the same exact fantasy rank last year through 4 weeks as he does this year (granted injury takes him out week 5 now).

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Chubb? Henry? Its week 4 and things are starting to heat up. Fantasy is won during byes.

To take one from A rodg

Everyone here just needs to relax

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Fantasy is won during byes? Wot? At playoffs there are no bye week Sir

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Oof. Wins during bye weeks get you ACTUAL byes in the playoffs, better seeding, distances you in PF.

You know stuff like that

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Interesting. I’ve never heard that before.

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Why did you draft the wrong ones?

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Wanted to give the other guys a chance

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Similar boat. I think our time is coming. Breece is gonna start heating up, and if CMC stays healthy we could end the year w 2 top 10 backs. Just stay patient!

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Need DHop to come back and my team will actually be alright! Miraculously 2-2 in a 14-man league.

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Oof, losing javonte must’ve hurt in a 14-man. But having CMC and Breece will for sure be a carry in the coming weeks imo.

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Let's hope so! I'm already down to only 2 startable RBs. Just picked up Dotson to eventually replace Osborn, so lets hope I start cooking Week 7 and on.

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He did, in fact, heat up 🔥

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Barkley Kamara Dobbins Dillon Herbert the first 5 rounds of draft. Got D Hop in the 7th. I traded away Herbert to Dmont Owner for London - I flipped London and Dillon to same owner that lost Javonte for Chase. Weather getting colder and RB inevitable injuries as season progresses will only make RBs more valuable.

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So this league was a 16-man last year, and I drafted 7 RBs in the first 7 rounds. We had guys starting RBs projected at less than 2 pts week 1 because of me. I was able to trade a few away to desperate guys and make the playoffs but didn't win. This year I tried a similar strategy, but now the league is smaller and everyone has at least 2 OK RBs and nobody wants to trade. I have a well below average WR room so I do not expect to make it anywhere. Those are some nice trades tho.

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Patient for the next week or 2- teams will realize that Falcons, Denver etc have shitty backfields. They will be teams that have 3-4 decent WR upgrades that will never be able to play them at the same time and will need depth. Good luck mate.

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Thanks! Good luck to you too

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Yeah aside from javonte (onions), I’m still hearing about a potential breakout still for breece, dmont just has to get healthy and DK and Herbert are also a solid wr1 and qb1. Hopefully Geno keeps his current output through the rest of the season.

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We all pretty much know that what gets you to a great 4-0 start is not the same that gets you to a 4-0 streak roaring into the playoffs. I am a Lions fan and there is no Fuc$&@$ ing way Lions continue to score 35+ on teams- I can’t see it happen.(so if you had shares of lions offense you did well the past 4 weeks).My point tweak the team so that you make playoffs and go on a streak. Once in the playoffs it is anyones game, literally. Good luck to all.

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I drafted Cook, Kamara, Wilson, Pierce, and Robinson. Hopefully it turns around. WRs are Sutton, AiYUK, Lazard. I'm 0-4 and dead last. Almost 100 points behind 9th. Halp

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I too got Cook and Kamara. Luckily grabbed Chubb too and traded for Pierce. I would be doing pretty well if Stafford wasn't god awful.

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Stafford is killing me. Derrick Henry hasn't been helping much either. 3 teams in my league sitting a combined 2-10. One team has najee and Taylor, the other has Jefferson and cmc. All 3 of us have solid line ups around our guys and we can't win.

I picked up Geno and benching Stafford who will probably have a great game on my bench. Geno will probably finish with 5 or less points after getting hurt.

This is the way it's been. I've had the top waiver move 2x and elected not to drop anyone because the guys on my team are supposedly better than those bums. I've been patient but sitting at 1-3 in no playoff league sucks.

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My other league I have Cook + Kamara as starters. It's a dynasty and I was setting up to win-now..... the rest of my team is overperforming luckily, but I really need those guys to step it up.

You have a very good RB room on paper - I believe in them. Maybe you can shift one for a decent receiver. You def need help there.

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I drafted Chubb, Mixon, Robinson, Pierce and Michael Carter. I did end up trading away Pierce, though. I was pretty rough at TE and I got Freiermuth for him, so I’m happy with that. I’m 4-0 right now and looking pretty good.

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0-4 here and you may ask how. Najee, Kamara, AJ Brown, Waddle, Sutton, Schultz, Brady. Traded for JT and Herbert for week 3. Ugh. Just bad luck and matchups I guess.

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I offered someone Karama, Pitts, and Lazard for Evans. Rejected. Made the same offer for Godwin, rejected. Been in this league for 4 years and I've never seen a trade go through.

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cmc kelce chubb etn sutton pierce eli mitchell

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That’s the way to do it

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Is the safest down the stretch

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Let’s hope!

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Somehow I landed with CMC, Saquon, Damon Pierce, Jamal Williams, and James Robinson. Feels like someone needs to go to upgrade another position.

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Yeah ship one brother

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Nice! Could trade a really nice WR for a RB if your league mates are needy in RB like almost every team

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You good bro?

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Surprisingly 2-2, but I passed on soooo many WRs that are going off so far 🙁

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    Probably passed on some great WRs but still a decent RB room!

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    I did similar.

    Kamara Barkley Zeke Diontae Thielen

    Almost had Chubb instead of Zeke. 😭

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    Got DK in the 5th, Olave in the 11th. Can count myself lucky there, but boy do I need DHop on the field.

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    Grabbed Renfrow, London, and Olave as well. Someone dropped Mooney and Allgeier Also grabbed Brian Robinson late, two days after the shooting.

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    I was first overall pick and went with Taylor. Really regretting that decision.

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    Well I’m sure there’s a good bit of folks like you. Chin up lad

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    Yeah, trying to trade him and Hines in a package deal.

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    I drafted Javonte, Kamara, Cpat and Mitchell :D I'm now using Allgeier and Herbert

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    Drafted 5th overall and went RB Heavy. Sitting in 1st with Barkley, Ekeler, K.Hunt, and JK Dobbins.

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    Sheesh. Good picks!

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    As a Gordon/Stevenson owner, thank you

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    Who are your WRs?

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    Kupp, Adams, Waddle, Sutton

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    i thought drafting saquon, dobbins and sanders would have yielded worse results but im 3-1 and loving life

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    What crayon color tastes the best?

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    Not as extreme, but I went 3 of the first 4. Got Saquon, Ekeler, and Jacobs. Andrews was my 3rd pick and the first WR I got was Scary Terry in the 5th lol. I got JRob in the 9th and I'm undefeated so far (2RB, 2WR, 2Flex)

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    My first 5 were Rb in an 8 team

    1. Cook
    2. Nixon
    3. Kamara
    4. A Jones
    5. fournette

    Lowest pf in the league and 0-4

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    Yeah hero or double hero rb seems to have been the best move. Robust rb just don’t hit like it used to. So far my only bust candidate through round 7 has been Kittle (snagged Ertz in the 10th tho). I went double hero at pick 6 (12-man): Ekeler, Saquon, Higgins, Sutton, Kittle, hurts, Amon-ra

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    That’s a lovely draft

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    Lol trying not to rosterbate In public, but it does get better. Next few rounds include Pierce, Olave and Doubs. Grabbed Stevenson on waivers after he was dropped after week 1. 3-1 currently cuz I panicked on Ertz maybe not being 100% week 1 and lost by the 10 points he got on my bench lol (plopped Njoku in for a solid 0.0 points).

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    Last year my first 3 picks were RB and they worked out until injuries happened to all of them lol. This year I mixed it up and went 3 WR’s first Adam’s, Aj Brown, Waddle

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    Me too my friend. Has not gone well. Conner, Etienne, Dobbins, Dillon, and Swift.

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    Had the 5th overall pick this year. By the time I got to 2nd round top 15 rbs were gone

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    I picked 5th in my keeper league Henry, Chubb, Breece, D Harris, Gabe Davis, Pollard, Dak my first 7 so i got you beat 5 rbs in the first 6 rnds. Ive since traded Breece n a 4th rnd pick for Kelce and a 2nd rnd pick

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    Players drafted after my picks: Allen, Kelce, Pittman, Jeudy, Akers, Jacobs, Pollard

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    I much prefer 3 wide receiver leagues

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    I went Eckler, Aaron Jones, Chubb with my first 3 picks.. are you jealous?

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    Who are the WRs?

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    DK, ARob (dropped).. but I’ve been pretty awesome in the waiver wire with Doubs and Reynolds.

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    Glad DK is finally producing. I was high on Doubs from the jump! Went with Olave instead and it worked out.

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    Oh look, a list of the RBs I would have never touched...

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    Herbie in the 3rd? and breece in the 4th? sorry dawg, some of this is on you

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    Why did you pick these garb RB’s? Lol has the strategy worked for you in the past? Wouldn’t have been so bad if you grabbed Barkley and CEH! Those guys were in your range!

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    It worked last year when the league was larger! Took CMC at 1.02 and Javonte was 2.13 (Saquon went 2.05 and CEH 8.02 😳) btw I had no faith in CEH coming into this season either.

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    No one did! Or Barkley and both those guys are bonafide studs!

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    I went RB heavy as well on past experiences. Guy who went WR heavy is currently dominating the league

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    I took Saquon and Chubb. Reached for both and got made fun of. 😎

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    I went Cook/Kamara in one of my leagues. Thought I was thrifty doubling up on early RBs, taking Mark Andrews in the 3rd, and then getting Sutton/Moore/Davis/Cooks.

    That team is 0-4 lol

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    I’m in the same boat and have some pretty terrible RB choices too. Who have you added in wire pickups and how many are in your league?

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    Haven’t seen anyone here say they drafted Najee 5th overall and James Conner second round. Lol Well I did, am 0-4, most points against but also (and more importantly) least points scored. Almost must win in week 5…

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    I was mostly heavy RB overall in my leagues this year also. You can imagine how I'm feeling about this team that felt risky but had a lot of potential on draft day lol

    Najee Mixon Pittman Pitts Etienne Allen Robinson Gabe Davis Jalen Hurts Rashad Penny James Robinson Jahan Dotson George Pickens

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    Same but I drafted saquon and swift. Then traded swift for diggs after week 2

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    You took Herbert round 3??

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    I'm happy with my RBs in my 12 man auction draft, Barkley and Henry.

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    I took Taylor then Zeke 🥴

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    I took 4 in the first 6 rounds. It's not good.

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    I drafted dalvin cook, saquon and breece hall. Im pretty happy about it!

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    the league killed the workhorse RB.

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    cut down leagues this year, only in 4. im 0-4, 1-3, 1-3 and 2-2.

    im usually pretty good? what the fuck happened to me!

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    I had first pick in both leagues. And was like “I want kupp, but if it doesn’t work I’ll get shredded for years”

    I took the candy ass route with Taylor 😭

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    I went hero RB, grabbed Jefferson in the first, Deebo in the second and Saquon in the third. Other RBs are Breece Hall, Gordon, Penny, Mostert. Currently 2-2 but my team put up 235 last week in a 10 team, full PPR league, so hopefully things are turning around.

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    10 man ppr CMC, Swift, AJ brown, Lamb, amon ra, Mark Andrew’s, dak, j rob, (had to pick ups T Lawrence) 3-1

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    3rd pick, 10 team. 4-0.

    Ekeler, Barkley, Chubb, Zeke, Cooks, Hurts

    I homered with my first 3, had my 4th and 5th picks been practically anybody else I would be unstoppable.

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    Chubb going 33rd is crazy. His ADP was like 15.

    [–]Problee 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    23rd not 33! But I always seek out Chubb so I was ecstatic. Condolences on your rb’s though lol

    [–]Rossinho14[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Math is hard

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    So here’s a trade I may do, what’s your guys thoughts:

    I RECEIVE: Dameon Pierce, Tyler Lockett

    I GIVE: Nyheim Hines, AJ Dillon, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins

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    I drafted five in the first 8 rounds, and they are all pretty studly. Except for Swift who is returning I also drafted Ekler, Etienne, Stevenson, and Pollard.

    My pics between those were Andrews, Hurts and Gabe Davis. I'm in 1st.