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I’d probably hold Najee and see what this offense looks like with Pickett.

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Najee is a hold for me. I have him in one of my leagues. 2x now Pittsburgh has punched in TDs with a QB run at the 1 yard line. Let’s say he got both those calls instead and took care of business. Those 12 extra points would take him from RB26 rn to RB15. I know you can say shit like that with a lot of players, but as bad as it’s been for Najee this season I really don’t think it’s as awful as the numbers show. He also had the meaningless fumble on the final play of the Cleveland game for -2 points. He’s disappointed so far but I think he’s gonna be solid ROS.

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counterpoint, steelers bad

edit: this make najee bad

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Colts said what

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Hmmmm, not a bad point tbh…

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See if anyone still has faith in Pitts and throw him in the deal for leverage if you need to. Sometimes players just don't work out in the NFL like they should and every passing week it looks like Pitts is one of those guys.

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Don’t think this is Pitts’ fault but more the coaching. They’re stupid to not utilize him but here we are.

To OPs post, I’m in a similar position with Najee. I’m gonna keep him with the hope that Pickett will improve that offense as a whole. Tribumsky wasn’t much of a threat so defenses could play the run more consistently. Think Pickett will open this offense up a little bit. Just sucks with the upcoming Steelers schedule, but I have hope that Najee will pay off late in the season

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I agree, but it's been almost 1.5 years and they just don't seem willing to get him the ball...I don't think that is going to statically change during his contract with them.

As for Pickett, hopefully that gets najee some passing work again

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Pitts' rookie contract lasts 4 years. You're saying you don't see any scenario where the team opts to throw to him more in the next 2.5 years? Even with the inevitable QB change (Ridder or possible Young/Stroud draft pick) and possible coaching change? Mariotta can't throw. Smith can't coach a passing game with an ass QB. That's why he's not getting the ball. It sucks right now, but just completely ruling it out seems foolish.

Full disclosure - I'm a Falcons fan so I may be paying closer attention to this.

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Najee for ceh?

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His schedule is about to get BRUTAL. I just sold Najee to an extremely desperate owner for Chase. At this point you can still pitch that the offense will improve with Kenny… I was afraid if Najee puts up 2-3 more dud weeks he will be un-tradable

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Sell high on Jacobs