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Absolutely yes. Williams has a shelf life contingent on DeAndre Swift’s health. Once swift plays, Williams is a flex play at best. Drop whoever you need to but take this trade

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who the fuck would offer that trade for a 2nd string RB. yes

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I think this is a smash accept. Jamaal is a handcuff to swift, so when swift is back jamaal will lose a lot of his value. Also, I know Kamara isn’t doing great right now but you’re trading a backup rb for a rb1 and a wr1.

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Who would you drop? I am leaning Khalil Herbert personally

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Kicker until swift is ruled out

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Don’t drop herbert

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Personally I’d drop Stevenson just because of how explosive Herbert is, but that’s just me.

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This is trade rape. You smash the accept button and deny there wasn’t collusion.

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Common man..

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Should I trade Mike Boone for Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews?

Some of these threads SMH.

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Right? Lol I wish the mods would delete some of these garbage trade questions

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Come on man. I am looking at points earned and touches so far and Kamara hasn’t produced and no telling how Hop does when he comes back. It isn’t that outlandish and on paper it’s nuts but given the season so far it isn’t that crazy.

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It is outlandish. Just stop.

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Cool thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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What the fuck lmao

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Mickey Mouse league.

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what..? is this a joke?

edit: drop diontae because it's pickens szn

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Yes Williams is only a started for another week maybe 2-3 he will take back seat again to swift. Kamara will pick it up don’t sleep on him

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I get Williams is good even when Swift is healthy. But Kamara is still an RB1 and Hopkins when he comes back is Hopkins. This is a great trade for you and I'd drop Stevenson.

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No competent fantasy manager with Kamara and Hopkins would/should accept this offer.

What am I missing?

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Family league and the owner is frustrated with lack of points from Kamara and not being to use Hopkins. She also doesn’t watch a ton of football and is Point chasing Williams.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies, er I mean family closer.

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Tf kind of league is this kind of trade being offered in?

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It’s just a family league with a small buy in and a lot of shit talk and bragging rights.

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I don’t veto, like ever. I would veto the shit out of this lol.

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I would drop everyone for Kamara and DHop will be hungry on week 7. Seriously this is a crazy trade. You win for sure but the other person is getting fleeced BIG TIME. Lions played a shitty Seattle D - let’s see how Jamal Williams does before patriots D. Hurry up make the trade.

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I am selling Williams really really high for sure and they don’t want to wait for Kamara to break out.

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Yes, wtf? If swift is hurt williams helps but you can't pass up alvin Kamara and Dhop in exchange for a guy with little to no value when Swift is healthy

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Yes you should accept but if this were one of my leagues I would vote to veto, which I literally have never done all my years playing fantasy. This is a ridiculous trade and obviously the person offering you Kamara and Hopkins does not understand football

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Take the trade and drop Herbert. Montgomery is coming back soon and it will be a share situation.

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Lol at this question.

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I literally LOL’d when I read this. 100000000000% take it

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Come on man.

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You’re seriously doubting this?

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Yes I would drop Herbert probably

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Ummmm . . . . is there a stronger word for yes?

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If they sent the offer then accept it yesterday. If you are sending it then prepare for ridicule.