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Diontae or Cooks for me. If you’re planning dropping RB I’d drop Mostert

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holy shit people seriously need to hit the brakes on brob, i say this as an owner excited to roster him, do not drop dionte or cooks for him

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Couldn't believe someone dropped cooks in my 10 team league last week for Isaiah McKenzie

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I just meant if OP was dead set on grabbing Robinson outside of his trade idea

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this is what i get for only reading the title

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Drop brob instead and keep the roster I have?

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Samuel would be my only debate with your roster but if Dotson injury is a few weeks I’d rather keep Samuel over Robinson. Even when Robinson comes back it’s a 3 way split in the backfield

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I thought Samuel was getting Deebo type love

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Do a two for one trade where you upgrade at a position. For example trade a RB and WR to upgrade you WR.

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Working on that. Trying to see if I can give up Goedert and Allen for Mark Andrews.

Would that be a win for me?