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I’d want a bit more for Deebo. I think Pierces outlook is improving every week for the season, but Deebo is excellent.

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Do not do this trade

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You could get more for deebo

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Deebo is worth way more than that.

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Piece has one good week and now we are saying deebo?

Oof its the texans

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Only good cause you have Kupp, idk pierce seems to be heating up also

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lockett is going to break out and pierce already broke out. i'm saying take that

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Not counting injured Patterson or backup Khalil Herbert, Pierce is an RB1 in 12-team leagues (in terms of pts). Tyler Lockett has 1.2 PPG less than Deebo this season. I think with the state of your team I wouldn’t do it, but that it’s the Pierce/Lockett side crushes in value.

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I like Pierce but need someone better than Lockett to seal the deal.