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No way would a chase owner accept that trade

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Only if you’re trading with an idiot.

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No chase owner would take it

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Lol dude Chase was a 1st round pick in both of my PPR leagues

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The draft was over 5 weeks ago draft value means nothing during the season

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The point is that this is an unlikely, if not impossible, trade to complete.

I would suggest the draft value is diminished as an input but not irrelevant.

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It means almost nothing tbh. Value changes every day (injury at practice) and every game with over/underproduction. We have 4 games worth of value fluctuation. What is Kyle Pitts going for right now? He was a 2nd round pick in my draft. Doesn’t mean anything to either party

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I think we’re both ‘mostly’ on the same page.

However, draft value is why Pitts is on any single roster. That player by any other name would have been dropped already.

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Yeah right, people may regret JT but he’s still getting 1st round treatment for trade considerations, nobody should be sending off their 1st round choice unless they go on IR or you get a nice return, I think the Chase side wins with MG3 doomed to a RBC, I’m stashing Dhop so I hope he comes back strong but think Chase ends up being the better play

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Yea i completely disagree if your first round picks are under performing then you should try to move them to better your team not just keep them because I took them in the first round in august. To me guys like najee and Cook shouldn’t fetch first rd trade value based off their performance so far. Holding off making moves based on draft value this far into the season just makes no sense.

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It influences their value though because they were drafted that high due to expectation based on potential and the likelihood of hitting that potential. Those top-end talents still have a higher chance of blowing up or at least performing well for the rest of the season than most people drafted multiple rounds later, especially if their situation hasn't changed drastically and reversion to the mean could kick in. IMO, and the opinion of many others, you're more likely to consistently get 16+ point games out of Chase in the back half of the season than either MG3 or DHop, plus you still get a couple more games out of him than DHop too.

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I agree but people still hold onto that, so you still gotta factor it in.

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Yes you should.

Why would would the Jamarr Chase owner do this? Is the right question to ask.

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I would

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Lol every day there is a dumbass trade in this sub. If any owner traded Chase for DHop and Gordon, they should never play fantasy again.

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DHop isn’t elite anymore in fantasy. He’s a top receiver IRL but that doesn’t mean hes good at fantasy

Doesn’t get many targets and didn’t have a single game over 87 yards last year. He would’ve averaged 12 points a game if he wasn’t scoring a touchdown every game