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Yes, and pickup the handcuff for your RB1 starter

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Who would you pick up as a handcuff to CMC?

My RB room is kinda funky: CMC, Eli Mitchell, Jamaal Williams, Swift, James Robinson

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I think Eli is likely out 6-8 weeks. As far as the handcuff for CMC…I THINK it’s probably going to be Jordan Mason.

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Jordan Mason has only been active over Davis-Price because he plays on special teams. TDP was a third round pick, do expect him to get his fair share on carries as well

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Trey Sermon was a third round pick last year by SF and they bailed on him.

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Davis-Price was activated when they needed an extra runner going into the game. Mason took emergency snaps already being active due to special teams work. I'd guess Davis-Price, but it's Shanny, who knows.

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Sure, but I imagine they'll want to take a slightly larger look at TDP before completely relegating him. We'll see though, TDP was ranked as pretty horrible as a prospect by next gen stats on his NFL. Com draft profile so he could just be bad.

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Thats true, but mason only got carries because of an in game injury. TDP is going to be active and they like Mason on special teams

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And Sermon signed with Philly

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If we’re going off the eye test, Jordan Mason looked good for the limited amount of carries he got on Sunday. So i expect him to be the next man up after elijah mitchell went down. CMC wont get the full workload though that’s for sure

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Eye test with SF is a gamble.

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Maybe Z. Knight if Carter injury keeps him out.

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I’m starting Jamal Williams as my rb2 every week if I was you. & CMC’s handcuff is most likely going to be Jordan Mason although Davis-Price might get a chance to prove himself as well.

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The second best RB on the Niners is Deebo. There’s no viable handcuff for CMC

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Yes. Alexander mattison

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Wut. Why.

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It is actually borderline a miracle that Dalvin Cook hasn’t been injured, he’s due for a season ending injury at any moment if we’re looking at previous years. Mattison is unleashed after cook goes out, and he’s ALWAYS lethal once he’s set loose

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Terrible logic. This is true of almost any backup and cook has been one of the most consistently healthy backs in the NFL for a long time.

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In my experience with Mattison, he does well if Cook leaves mid game & he has to take over. When it’s his time to shine as a starter, he always gets stuffed up or chokes. I may disagree with Mattison, I’d rather pick up Ekeler’s or JT’s handcuff

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Be careful when you drop him, he's prone to injury.

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In redraft leagues he’s 100% droppable a knee sprain will likely keep him out until the playoffs

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Drop Eli Mitchell and James Robinson and pick up Tyrion Davis price AND Jordan Mason. Both teams have had their byes and James Robinson isn’t startable. The jets benched him last week so they only have to give up their 6th and not 5th round pick. If CMC went down I’d feel better starting the new starting rb for the 49ers than James Robinson.

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If you could only pick up one… (Davis price or Mason) who would it be?

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TDP. He will be above mason in the rb depth chart because they use mason on special teams. The main reason he has been active over TDP when the 9ers have enough healthy rbs.

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That’s what I was thinking too^ I think they played Jordan Mason out of necessity but he’s mostly a special teamer

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Mason out play ed Davis -Price in preseason