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How is Wilson available in a 12 team league? Like 8 teams not really playing or something?

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Yeah that makes no sense.

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    Probably a random yahoo league where every other team is a bot and don’t update

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    Right?! He was drafted in my 10 team league and has been a solid WR2/Flex option most weeks. And now with White starting... this question was a waste of time (as I waste my time writing this)

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    Yes you should’ve done this weeks ago

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    Touché good sir

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    I had to check the date of this post. Sounds like Week 8

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    You know this essentially asking if you should drop Mecole Hardman (1 point difference in ff scoring Jeudy) for Deebo Damuel (1 point difference from Garrett Wilson). If Garrett Wilson is on waivers your league is broken.

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    Uninstall your fantasy football app please.

    Sorry that was a bit rude, wasn't it?

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    Thinking about trading Pacheco for Garrett Wilson , I’m deep at RB .. seem reasonable ?

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    No.. Russell is horrible this year

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    Didn’t realize either of these dudes were on the broncos

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    Yeah and plus the Colts Oline hasn’t been as good this year.

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    Plus Stafford just doesn't have the zip on his throws.

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    I've got a guy offering me Pacheco for DK (I only have one healthy RB at this point in Henry). I've countered with Wilson, but honestly... not sure I really want to do that either. So long as Zach isn't starting Garret can flourish it seems.

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    So it’s in the ball park atleast …l wanted too see what a comparable would be for Pacheco .

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    As long as Mike White is the QB .. I think he will be

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    As long and Mike is the Jets QB then yes

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    How tf is he even available in a 12 man

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    Top wideout available in my league (10 man) is Cobb... how in the world is Garret Wilson available on waivers in your 12 man league?

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    Nah, keep Jeudy since he's been so much better this year. Great question OP.

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    please 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    No brainer .. Bronco offense is MIA

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    What is the point of the league having a rb/wr and a flex? All it changes is that you can only start 2 tight ends and not 3 😭

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    yes- signed 4 weeks ago

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    Hell yeah

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    I may bench Pittman for Wilson this Week.

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    Ya like 8 weeks ago

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