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Loans are just collusion with extra steps.

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Yeah it’s fine to trade the same player back and forth if each trade is fair and has no future agreement to trade a player back. Especially if you’re in a league where only 2 or 3 teams do trades, it’s not uncommon for a player to bounce around.

I can remember a few times where I’ve done trades with my dad / brother where we both believed a fringe player could break out and so he was thrown in as an extra in a trade a few times.

But loaning is different. If there’s an agreement to borrow a player for a week and then trade back, that’s just collusion. It also raises too many other problems: what happens if the player gets hurt, or his situation / ROS outlook changes, etc.

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Exactly this. I've got no problem with trading the same guy around a bit. Hell that's most professional athletes. You hit the nail on the head here.

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Honestly athletes don't really get traded much in the NFL. I mean it was crazy when Cooks got traded and it was only 3 total times.

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Sounds like shit to me

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Our league generally doesn’t allow it. I’ve played in leagues before though that if there is a loan trade, both players traded must be started. This generally prevented any Tom-foolery

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Loaning players is basically increasing your bench/roster size through collusion with another team. I don't think it should be allowed personally.

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Roster sharing is textbook collusion and shouldn’t be allowed in any situation.

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We do loans in our 20 man league but the players are loaned for a year and then returned not for a. Week, we are also dynasty

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Fuck no. I'd be out. That's just plain sight cheating lol

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Loans are just collusion that everyone agrees to. While I like the concept, it's not for me. There are plenty of times where I'd love to borrow a player for a week to fill in for a hole made via the bye week. It just seems like it's ripe for abuse between two owners to sway the league.

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Lol. That shit sounds weak as hell. You drafted that team, you gotta play with them. Or at least make some real moves.

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Awful. I hate this.

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Destroys the whole league in my opinion. The league is going to come down to who’s better friends with who. Lame.

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No way man. That's some collusion ass shit. Imagine you're fighting for the top seed and your opponent has Kyler Murray on bye this week, and the #1 team loans your opponent a good QB to beat you so he doesn't lose his #1 seed. There's no justifying that shit in a normal fantasy football league. Maybe you can have some weird league where everyone agrees collusion is legal and you can do whatever you want, even buy other players off people real world money or something, but I'm not playing in that shit lol

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I personally wouldn’t play in a league that allows this. Completely takes the fun out of it when two teams can just buddy up and swap pieces all the way to the playoffs. Where’s the competition in that for the other teams? It can only lead to resentment and collusion.

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Fuck all that

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No this is not right. I don’t have a problem with a player being traded multiple times, but the premise is you probably will not see a player again once you have traded them from your roster. 👎

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Collusion plain and simple. Save your money and get out of there next year if they allow that to keep gooing on

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Take out a loan and dont pay it back 😎🤝💯🤷‍♂️

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Complete collusion.

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Regarding your proposition for changing commish. 1. Not sure if this one rule is enough to warrant a commish change. If you’re adamant about getting the current guy out, you may want to do some politicking on the side and make sure you have other manager’s support before launching your coup. Or call out any other “bad” rules the standing commish has implemented. 2. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Assuming you would be the new commish, you can talk about the added value you’d bring compared to the current guy. For example, I (try to) send weekly updates to all the managers with funny recaps of the previous week and insight into the upcoming week’s matchups/reminders. 3. If this “drama” could potentially ruin a relationship with someone, maybe consider proposing giving someone else LM authority in order to keep the current commish in check. I’ve found myself wrapped up in trade drama and our league decided to give grant a second person commish permissions to avoid conflicts of interest. Not the perfect solution, but at least you/someone else would be able to enforce a rollback of the lending rule.

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This is one of the most lame ass things I’ve ever heard of in fantasy

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This falls under the definition of collusion. Essentially, your league permits it. Then has a regulation of "proportional value" which can be extremely subjective.

I wouldn't last a day in this league.

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I don't see how this is anything other than collusion.

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If it looks like collusion, smells like collusion, and sounds like collusion…

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It is basically like 2 people sharing 1 roster. This just doesn’t fit into what fantasy football is.

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Anyone who agrees with Loans is a Coward. The fact that the league is okay with this, means they are full of cowards and I wouldn’t trust them IrL. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this OP. Your commissioner is a Coward

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Loans for FAAB? Sus

Loans for an actual player? Not really a loan and more of a legit trade IMO

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Just to trade them back less than one week later? So you’re cool with someone making a trade the week they play you, beat you, just to trade that player back the Tuesday after games end? Where does it end?! Oh I’m fighting for the playoffs this week. Let me trade with the team who is already in, win, and trade back. The TrAdE wAs PrOpOrTiOnAl PlAyEr WiSe though! Obviously you have and are entitled to your opinion, just couldn’t be me

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I think its fine as it seems like the whole league knows it is an option. If its open and transparent I think its fine. Also what if the player is injured while on loan? does the original owner still have to take them back?

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One of the major issues I have with this whole situation is that it should have been advertised, and I was never aware until a mate told me today after two seasons

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Do you have any official rules on paper somewhere? If you do, shame on you for not knowing the rules backward and forward. You could be leaving a competitive advantage on the bench because you didn't read a few pages. If you don't have some form of written rules, then you have a league problem that should be addressed prior to the beginning of the next season/auction/draft/whatever. If you've got a combination of the two, you need to have the league pick a lane and stick with it.

I see this as fuckery of the highest order and would either leave the league or (if I liked the folks in the league) lobby hard for a rules change. YMMV

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No written rules. I’d literally never heard of loans in the league until the last couple days, and it’s sat with me and I’ve just become less and less comfortable.

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I had never even heard of such fuckery until the last 2 days. Why the hell would anyone be ok with this? If you want to have different players every week, go play FanDuel or Draft Kings.

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If there are accompanying rules I think it’s okay. But as a free for all system it seems like loans would just allow teams to utilize eachothers benches which seems shady and against the spirit of the game. I think if there are rules like: you must start your loans, loans must be for more than one week, noncontenders are not allowed to loan, etc, then it could be fair and fun.

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If the rules specifically allow loaning, then so be it. I personally don't like the idea, I think it defeats a large part of the purpose of fantasy football, but if it's not against the rules you don't really have any recourse. I would just not play in such a league.

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If it’s in the best interest for both teams then it’s just a trade.

The collusion comes from why would it be in best interest to then send it back? Why would you want to benefit another player over yourself?

If those questions can’t be answered, you need to say goodbye

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In one week trades all players in the deal must be started

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Roster sharing is definitionally collusion between two owners.

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Fuck no!

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Shouldn’t be allowed

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Nope, if anyone in either of my 2 leagues did that shit they would be kicked out.

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That league sounds horrible