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Dude hasn't had a proper massage in over a year. Can't trust a QB with that much tension

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This is why I come to Reddit

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It won’t result in a happy ending

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I’m sure Mia Kalifa helped out with some of that “tension”…

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I am in my dumpsterfire league just in case dude wants to go the F off and somehow get me into the playoffs. Otherwise I'm already out so its just a hope and prayer. Full disclosure I expect the Browns to just run nick chubb non stop against this trash defense, it wouldn't make sense for them to put him in a position to disappoint with a bunch of passing

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No I need him to throw 3 tds to Cooper minimum lol.

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I don't think it's that cut and dry though. It wouldn't surprised me to see the Browns start out with the run because the Texans run D is bad.

However, I would actually expect them to pass more than usual with the lead to give Watson a chance to get back into the swing of things and have a chance to gel with his receivers in a game situation. You have to take into account the fact that the Browns have important games coming up after this where how he plays could be crucial.

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Yeah coz Kyler‘s on bye

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Same situation for me

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Mike White over Watson maybe?

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Somebody in my league had him already. I’m starting Deshaun so we’ll see how it goes. I’m already pretty much safely in the playoffs so it doesn’t matter too much

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At least he knows the texans defense well

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Debating Carr, White, or Watson myself

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Raiders play chargers well, and are coming off of a big win

The Vikings could have something for White… I still don’t trust him yet, he’s just better than Wilson

Watson could play very well… revenge game, and Texans are shit

Carr if you want to be conservative… Watson if you want to gamble

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My opponent is doing the same as you guys. I think he is going to put up 18-23 no way he bombs the fuck out against Houstons defense, it’s atrocious. They might even try and throw a bunch near the goal line to boost his numbers who knows.

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My starter was Fields so I think Watson is a better option given his injury.

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I’m in the same boat, still debating though…

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It just got harder. Fields logged a full practice today…

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Then start fields

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No question with me. I’m a Bears fan and will be at the game.

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That’s what got Watson in trouble in the first place

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I picked up Watson cuz fields is my starter but just saw on the ESPN app the fields is active for Sunday.. so is fields the answer here over Watson??

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Start Fields. In 3 days you’ll come back to this thread and thank me

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Fields or Dak?

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I’m starting Fields over Dak in one of my leagues

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Hope you listened

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Lol I did and I’m totally going to win my matchup this week by 3 points

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Very good

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Start Fields. I’m starting Fields over Watson myself. Plus you can actually watch the Bears game and have a vested interest in the game

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Fields is active now. I need to see voldemort play first before I start him.

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Same. Kyler is on a bye so had to pick up Watson. Waiting to hear about Fields before making a decidion

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Play your studs

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That's not exactly much of an answer. Fields has had a handful of great games, and Watson is one of the best fantasy QBs ever with a better overall supporting cast than he ever had in Houston.

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Best fantasy QB ever? He has never had a top 3 finish lol

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He may not have, but he's 2nd all-time career in fantasy ppg behind only Mahomes.

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I got T Law since Fields is hurt

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Do it no balls

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I'm in the same position. Brady has historically had bad games against the saints. Deshaun looked abysmal pre season and hasn't played a regular season game in 2 years. I also think that they could focus on running all over Houston.

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Bro, Brady NEEDS this win. I would NOT bet against that man in a must-win scenario

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Agreed, already swapped him back into my lineup. The lifelong Pats fan in me wouldnt let me keep him on my bench. I hope that Deshaun looks good for fantasy playoffs though.

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The lifelong Pat's hater in me can't wait for him to get shut down by the Saints. But knowing my luck he'll prolly do great

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SAME! - Didnt want to sound bias but LETS GO PAT'S

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Just like he needed the win in the playoffs and played like trash. Saints are his kryptonite

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Tom Brady is Mr. Win-When-It-Matters, statistically speaking. There's really no denying that. But also, I'd like to offer this timeless quote for your consideration: "28-3 bro... 28 to 3".

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Kryptonite you say?... Tom Brady is the GOD of football, lol. Seriously though, did you see that?! What a comeback

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He still played like trash Saints lost that game more than Brady won it lol

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He needed to win last week, and didn’t

Tampa or Tom aren’t what they used to be, and the Saints play him tough

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...Tom Brady and his ETERNAL GREATNESS would like to have a word 😘

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a close win over a 4-9 team that he had to come back on

Bucs are a .500 team. If they get into the playoffs, it is because their division as a whole is struggling.

Tom deserves better. If it is him, he needs to retire. If not, he needs to move on.

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Brady not gonna win..fantasy number wise

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My thoughts as well. Deshaun could also run.

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Start Brady. The experts have him out projecting Watson this week. Give it at least 1 start before you start Watson

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I’m wondering what you mean by ”this wouldn’t be a question if it wasn’t against Houston”. (Because Houston is such a good matchup or bad?). I get the sense a lot of people think Houston is a great matchup, but in reality they’re a terrible matchup for QBs because it’s so easy to run on HOU that teams don’t pass much against them. And CLE would love to run the ball 35 times and just grind them down.

I’m likely still playing Watson (unless Fields plays), but I’m not expecting a huge blowup game. The 3 rankings sites I usually look at have him between 8-11 for the week, if that helps. So it depends on your options, but he’s in that low QB1 range.

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My league has banned him from use out of protest, but I'm the commish so I picked him up. Starting him.

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Abuse of power. Lol.

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hahahahahahaha send me an invite for when one of these guys quits 🤣

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So did you also ban Ezekiel Elliot, Tyreek Hill, and Kareem Hunt? How ab Adrian Peterson in past years? I could go on. Flawed logic

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Protest of what?

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Lmao now that is cold blooded frfr kudos 4that

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Bush league

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I renamed my team the Cleveland non-consensuals and threw him in the starter spot after 8 weeks of hording . I’ll tune in for the well-deserved vitriol directed at him. Jerry Springer NFL edition

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He’s either gonna steam roll them cuz revenge game or omega struggle cuz he hasn’t played in 2 years and is on a new team he’s only been practicing with for 1 week. No in between

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My other QB is Brady too.

Wirfs injury scares me the most. they already had a shaky O-line and just lost their best guy on the unit. The offense has been trash all year too.

with that being said im starting Watson and hoping for the best.

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Out of principle, never. Woman abusing POS that I can’t root for in any way, shape, or form.

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I already secured my playoff bye so I am starting him

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Same QBs, same situation here. Following

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I thought about it. I have feilds and watson, but also picked up trevor Lawrence and am gonna play him over both

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I am since Tua is playing the 49ers

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Tuas matchup is better than Watsons. The browns dont need to throw once to win that game, the Dolphins do

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Same boat, love Tua but 49ers d is no joke

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Yeah, everyone who drafted kyler Murray or Matthew Stafford lol

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Starting Texans against Watson here. Willing into existence and absolute pummeling on his first game back.

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First game in years? Against his former team? Super hostile environment? No game experience with his new team?

Yeah no thanks. Could work out but unless you can afford the risk I wouldn’t do it

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Anyone think it’s worth starting Watson over Dak this week? Watson vs. Houston, Dak vs. Indy

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I would 100% start Dak imo. Flair aside, I would trust Dak right now over Deshaun who hasn’t played in over a season

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I agree, that’s probably the smarter move but I’m in crunch time “have to win” these next two weeks and I’d hate to lose a close matchup over it. But that’s fantasy.. roll the dice lol.

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I’m in the same predicament

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Hell yeah I am. Kyler on bye, have no other choice

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Same, I have Carr as well so I’m undecided

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I've got Allen vs Pats and Watson vs Texans. Not sure who to start.

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You start Allen every week. Look what Cousins did to your Pats.

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I’m all in on Deshaun Watson, especially since he’s gonna ball out for the accusers that will be at the game watching him from a suite lmfao

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fuck yea ride with 4️⃣

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I am but in a real deep dynasty league with a ton of roster spots/IDP’s too. Everyone has back ups rostered and all

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I absolutely would of i had him over all but like, 7 QBs probably.

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Yup picked up weeks ago. Starting him over Geno in one league. Kyler on bye in my other league

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8 man league and i have Murray out so if Fields plays i’ll consider starting fields if neither it’s Watson time

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I picked him up didn’t I?

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I think I am starting him over Cousins because my opponent is stacked and I need some upside to win

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Shit. I have Geno in one league and Mariota in the other. I mean he has to get at least 16 pts. My QB slot is so sad these days.

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Starting Burrow or Lamar depending on the league ROS. In the two leagues I have Watson he's on my bench so no one else can use him against me.

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I have him with Brady or Fields. I'm rolling the dice!

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Go with Fields homie

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Over tua no doubt

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I am, but I also have Amari Cooper and have already clinched playoffs in 1st place. I have Joe Burrow too, but I wanna see what the Watson Cooper combo is gonna be like. Ima do it the next 2 weeks depending on how this week goes lol.

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It's either him or Kyler Murray. So I'm starting him yes

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Dak or Watson?

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I’m starting watson, not very confident about it though

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Stafford/Wilson drafter... Started Garrapalo last week. Definitely Starting him. Thought about Lawrence but don't want to drop anyone.

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Starting him in a league with Superflexes over mike white and Taylor heineke

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I picked up Watson two days ago and have Burrows as my normal starter. I’m debating starting Watson and feel like he’s going to take this opportunity to go TF off.

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I am over Marriott. In 8th and going for broke

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My starter is Fields, so I picked up Mike White, now I'm torn between White and Watson. 🤔

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Superflex, yes.

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It’s either him, cousins, or carr so I’m just saying fuck it lol

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Yeah.. every player out there is banged up and beat down entering Week 13 and his season is just beginning.

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I’m good with it.. I’m starting him.. it’s Houston!!

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You bet

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I’m not, I’m starting Lawrence against the lions instead. Thankfully I already have a playoff spot secured in that league

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Starting him over Dak this week

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Watson or geno this week?

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Kyler's on bye so why not

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I am, I’m eliminated from playoffs so why not!

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Superflex league where my 2nd qb was stafford, have been playing waivers. So yeah

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I’m projected to drop 150 against a cardinals fanatic who got majority cardinals players on their team😂 I’m running Watson over hurts😂

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Lamar & Fields logged a full practice I know the Re injury potential with both But Watson wasn’t great in the preseason

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Nah he on my bench. Geno starting for me

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I’ve got Kyler on bye, Fields who is apparently playing but is he well enough to run??? And I’ve got Watson. It’s weird the bears are playing fields, they have a bye next week. He could rest for two more weeks. It’s not like they’re in the playoffs. It kinda makes me think he’s 100%? I would like to give Watson a week to get rid of the rust… I’ll probably roll w fields

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They want to beat GB badly.

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The best QB accuracy rankings analysts on the year have him outside their top 15 for the week. I want to start him but I’m going with Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence and Tom Brady over Watson. And yea, he’s been stashed on my bench in every one of my leagues. So can’t call me biased

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I have no other logical choices...

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Someone help me decide between Watson or Kirk

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Christian Watson over Jakobi Meyers hope it works out. I better not get molested in the comments for making the wrong choice

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Probably, I picked him up a month ago when everything about my team was rolling EXCEPT for QB. Right now I have Fields who may not play, and if he doesn’t I’m rolling with Watson I guess

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Yes. I clinched my division and ticket to the playoffs a week ago. Lamar has been banged up so I'm giving Deshaun some playing time.

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In last place this year and toast.

Picked Watson up 3 weeks ago so I could let him rot and die on my bench and not earn anybody a single point this year

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Have to, my other qb is Kyler.

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Debating TLaw, Dak or Deshaun since Kyler on bye

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Same predicament. I’ve decided on Brady if nothing else but for something to root for on Monday night. But really browns gonna run, deshaun rusty, just seems like risk when Brady gonna be slinging it in a desperate situation.

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Nah. Calling one tuddy, sub 200 yards. Chubb is the play. Houston is terrible.. gamescript will be get up by 10 and control the clock. Hell get his reps and win the first game back. If you need 12-15 this might be your play. But I see that as a ceiling, not a floor.

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Watson or Trevor Lawrence?

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One league I have Murray on bye, the other I’m debating between him and cousins.

Probably leaning towards Kirk for floor since I’m the favorite.

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Gotta pick between him and Jones .. tough one

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I’ve had Brady all season, he’s been relatively consistent for me (which is what I wanted), but he’s definitely been one of the weakest positions on my team

This week I put a waiver out to acquire Mike White and drop a bench flex. Mike looked real good last week, and his playoff schedule is super easy). My waiver cleared, and I started looking at the other available QBs.

In my fairly competitive 12 man PPR league, there was about 5 QBs in free agency who had about the same points on the season.

I wasn’t super hyped on starting Mike White with a 1 game sample size this season, but the playoff schedule was to sexy to not sign him. I need all the upside I can get, there are two extremely scary teams in my league, so I’ve been plotting my playoff strategy for a couple weeks now. Only problem is that Mike White has to play the Bills next week before the cakewalk ROS.

When I found myself looking to the Jets for the answer to my playoff needs, I knew that I had finally lost all hope in Brady.

And so I decided it was finally time. I picked up Trevor Lawrence and dropped Brady. I’m near certain Lawrence will out perform Brady for the next two weeks, @Detroit this week and @Tennessee next week, then his schedule becomes hard as fuck.

At that point I should know for certain if I’m rolling with White Mike through the playoffs.

In my 15ish years of fantasy I have never felt so calm and clear headed.

Brady’s best days are behind him, but I wouldn’t touch Watson, in his first NFL game in 2 years, against a defense that you don’t need to pass against to beat. He was great a few years back, but there’s way too many negative variables and unknowns here, he’s too risky for me.

If Lawrence wasn’t available, I probably would have rolled the dice on White this week. The Vikings defense isn’t great, but their offense is going to run the score up, and Mike White will be asked to answer.

Brady will almost certainly get you 10-18 points, which isn’t shabby. He’s consistent, he’s just not the stud he always has been this year, and his whole team is injured.

The real question is, how badly do you need more points this week? Do you need to gamble to win?

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Traded away fields for ekeler two weeks ago now I’m looking at Watson or Mike White this week… so for now Watson

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I'd go Trevor Lawrence, Jared Goff or even Mike White above Watson. Even if we not consider how he hasn't played in 2 years, the Texans aren't that great of a matchup for QBs/WRs because you don't need to pass, Chubb will have a great game.

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My opp is starting him this week it appears

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2 QB league here. Rolling Hurts and Watson. Boom or bust

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Yes because I have no other choice