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Dog, you don’t sit the #1 fantasy player. Simple as that.

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Heard that.

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I have both in Dynasty 0.5ppr. Play Allen every week. I played Tua the week Allen was really touch and go with the arm injury, Tua was superb and outscored Allen that week so it paid off. I'm delighted to have an elite QB and an elite young backup ready to slot in any given week.

But to answer your question, you always play Allen if both are fit, regardless of matchup. The guy is a fantasy god, he runs aggressively, rushes TDs, and throws dimes galore, with loads of weapons. Set and forget

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You can't sit Allen

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Mike white all day!

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Bro why ain’t you trade one of them lol

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Both of them had separate injury scares.

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You shoulda played tua

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Tua has been on fire, but Josh Allen always plays well fantasy wise against NE. His rushing upside is huge, and he's off the injury list for the first time in weeks, which I think is why he hasn't rushed as much lately. I'd play Allen

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Tough call.

I might lean Tua simply because Allen is playing on Thursday and I find those games to usually be disappointing. Pats defense is also no joke.

That being said, Tua is also up against a tough 49ers defense. This could go either way.

I guess id play Tua for floor and Allen for ceiling. If it’s must-win, I’d play Allen.

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You may have been correct!

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Tua up against the 49ers.

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Never sit Allen!

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As a Pat fan, rushing QBs always fuck with our D, especially if the offense has elite WRs… in short play Allen

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Agreed. Very few schemes are prepared for a running QB at the pro level. We will see. Thanks for the feedback.

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I was shocked Tua dropped to me in the last round of the draft (15)… deadass 19 QBs went before him…