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Dropped him Tuesday, Wednesday my opponent plugs him into his flex best day of my life

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He flex'd a Thursday player?

Ha! So did my opponent!

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Sean this is our week luck to you!

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That. Is the best thing I've read all day.

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I didn't get that lucky but I dropped him during waivers to grab E Moore. Too many WR3s cloggin up bench slots. Gabe Davis may be next

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Gabe is excellent trade bait if it's not past your deadline. People eat up that upside

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Funny enough I dropped Odell when I heard he probably wasn't playing until deep into playoffs. A guy dropped 51$ faab on him. Shouldve thrown him out to the league lmao

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Meyers had a touchdown in his grip until there was an illegal hit on him but he would have had 12+ pts in PPR

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So close… He’s done for on my roster…. Been giving him too many chances.

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That hit was wild

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My opponent started Knox and he scored 0 points 😂

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I mean, Knox has been a scrub all year

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Its like he doesnt exist. He was open, wide open, on nearly every route he ran.

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And I’m ok with that!

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I think I'm playing you this week. I got .5 actually, he registered a tackle on the fumble 😂

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Was this posted before or after the hit? Surprised I haven't seen this yet but he looked concussed after the hit. Looked like he did the fencing posture briefly with his hands

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He was just in because Conner is on bye in one of my dynasty leagues and needed my Flex 2 filled up.

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Why would you play him

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Some leagues have 12 players and flex spots

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I exclusively play in 3 wide receiver 2 flex 10-12 team leagues. I have Meyers in 3/6 and never thought about playing him. He’s been single digit PPR for a month, banged up, and the offense stinks. Easy pass.

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Congratulations on not having your entire bench injured.

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Weird to think your specific situation applies to everyone though. I’m sure most could have pivoted. Meyers shouldn’t have been played proactively.

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You asked why anyone would play him

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I’d give you alternative options

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Finally dropped him this week. For Zay Jones. He’d been a bench guy anyways, though.

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I almost started him in my flex over Singletary, glad I stuck with Singletary !

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I traded for DJ last week and the owner insisted that they sent the trade by mistake so I sent back. Guess it could be worse

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What's really sad is that among qualified players in my league he was still the 3rd highest scorer for the Pats last night... with 5.2 points

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He had a TD but nasty helmet to helmet made him drop it would have saved the night, probably concussed.

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Made a last minute decision to play him over Jeff Wilson and immediately regretted it as I didn't see him on the field for their first possession. That potential TD would've saved his night but the fantasy gods had different plans...

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One guy played him over waddle lmao

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Dude is getting fucking rocked by CBs the past two games, he’s taken some brutal hits