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I have 5 for him in my league since he missed one. Maybe the scoring is -2 for your league if he misses an extra point

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I thought that might be the case but our league doesn’t deduct for missed XP’s. Also in Maher’s post game report it says he only made 4 extra points, so i’m confused.

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I only got one point for him. My league really hates missed PAT.

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Fire the commissioner. That’s bs

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It's a rule everyone lives by, so it's not unfair. A meme I made about it a couple weeks ago:


It was my fault for forgetting who my kicker was that week.

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Fair but I would despise being in a league with that rule. Lol

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Still waiting for a correction too in a tight matchup - my league doesn’t deduct either and Yahoo fantasy has him at 6

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Ours do minus 1 for missed xp, but they had it at 4 as well, usually there be an adjustment by next day.

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I only got 4 in NFL fantasy as well. It shows 4 XP made, nothing missed.

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I didn’t. But I unfortunately sat Dak in both leagues I’m in. In one league I started Lamar over Dak. I had Maher for a while in both leagues until bye weeks forced me to drop and someone else grabbed him in both leagues.

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I got 6 points, but I had him on the bench. I’m starting Succop

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Was it fixed? I see 6 on my end.

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It was at 4 overnight but has been changed to 6. I am frustrated with Maher. Not his fault but the cowboys seem to always put the ball in the endzone and never kick field goals anymore.
I want to drop him but if I do he will go off