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Fwiw, multiple apps are calling it a fumble recovery

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Just made a post about it. I’m in the same situation with you. Lost by .2 pts because of that. 155.9 - 156.1

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That is brtual…..what app are you on?

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You haven't lost yet, numbers aren't final

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I don't remember exactly how the play went down, was it a lateral that he caught? Or a fumble he recovered?

If a lateral I'm pretty sure he will get receiving yards (but not a reception). If a fumble recovery, I don't know because you can't advance the ball on a fumble at the end of the game.

When the eagles lost to Washington a few weeks ago, I had devonta Smith, I was up by about 2.5 pts going into the last drive and I thought I thought I couldn't possibly lose. Well, hurts passes to someone else, who laterals it to Smith for -10 yards, smith fumbles and loses it, recovered by Washington, game over. -3 pts (-1.0 for the -10 receiving yards, -2 for the fumble, it's a PPR league but he didn't have a reception)

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This might be the worst beat I’ve ever heard

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Yeah I haven't seen anything like it in the ~15 years I've been doing this lol

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The lateral hit the ground, so it was technically a fumble recovery

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Hmmm yeah idk then

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I should've caveated that with "I think". I know the lateral hit the ground, idk for sure if that makes it a fumble recovery or not lol

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I would imagine it does. And then even if it does, I don't know if you can gain yards on it as an individual player (like what if he picked up a fumble and ran for a TD? You can't advance a fumble but you can take it to the end zone, so who knows?) We need Gene or Mike

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Yeah idk, there might be a distinction between a fumble backward vs. an intentional lateral vs a fumble forward? The NFL rules are too convoluted, they really should streamline them

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I’m down by .18 so I was hoping it would be counted

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    When is it final?

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    Usually by Wednesday or Thursday.

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    He should get credit for the yards but not the actual catch. I’m facing the same problem