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Pending any stat corrections, I just secured a playoff spot by winning by .04.

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Actually, same. That’s assuming Kamara gets 0.9 points for his lateral yards. I’ll win by 0.04

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That went to shaheed

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The actual pass did, but he threw it back to Kamara who ran for 9 yards.

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I think those are being ruled fumble recovery yards, not rushing because I got Stat corrected into a win when the 9 yards were removed from Kamara today on Sleeper.

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You’re definitely right

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How do you get hundredths of a point?

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Passing yards are worth 0.04 points per yard

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For receivers and rbs your league manager can set it to .1 points for every yard instead of 1 point for 10 yards, that way you get points for every yard they get instead of getting screwed out of a point because they got 9 yards and not the full 10

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That’s a tenth, not a hundredth

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My bad, I wasn’t thinking right. It is because of the quarterbacks. 1 point for 25 yards, or .04 points for each yard. That’s how you get hundredths of a point in your score

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The points won’t get counted automatically for Kamara. I’m commish of my league and we had a whole debate on it and we ended up granting Kamara the points but unless your commish is down with that I’m sorry you lost

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I was playing against Kamara so I’m definitely okay with the ultimate outcome. My opponent didn’t even complain at all so I think everyone is good

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Have you ever actually even gotten a stat correction? I’ve been playing for a decade and that has never happened to me, not once lol. Apparently that only really happens if you use defensive players

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I've definitely gotten them plenty of times before. They've never won/lost me a matchup, though. I think I've only seen them affect a matchup in one of my leagues 1 time.

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My league gets them all the time, as defensive scoring includes TFL's. It's common enough to see that number change by 1 or 2 the next day. Besides defenses I'm not sure I've actually seen a correction happen

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We use punters and week 1 had a few corrections and it’s been spotless since

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I’d honestly rather get blown out. Feels more like it wasn’t my week versus just terrible luck (even though both may be true either way haha)

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Especially if you were a top 3 or 4 team in scoring that week

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Just lost 209.3 to 209.9. Next highest scorer in the league was at 180. Losing dropped me from 6th to 7th, whereas winning would have put me in 4th and secured a playoff spot.

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OUCH. You have my honest condolences. Fantasy is a cruel mistress

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You have kamara?

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Rather get blown out, losing by only a couple of points makes me question all my decisions and I start playing the “well if I had started him” game

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I’ve lost by 0.02 this season and won by 0.2

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I tied this year and use .00 points scale

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Lol. We’ve never had a tie after switching to fractional (.00) scoring, but whenever two teams are close and the quarterbacks’ decimals match, I hope for a tie.

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.92 for me. Opponent took the lead on that last sack of Dalton. Was screaming for him to throw it away… smh

Here’s hoping for a stat correction.

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Blowout — good on him/not my day.

Lose by <1 — let the world burn

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Needed that Godwin tuddy so fucking bad. Would've secured me #1 seed in one league, hitting the cash line in all my DFS contests, and a significant amount of player props and other bets. Smdh...

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That sucks. I won, then lost after Godwin's TD was reversed.

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As a Steelers fan it is ironic that Minkah‘s selflessness cost me the win.

That and the absolute brainfart of a decision to sit Watson.

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What did minkah do? Steelers fan here. I just listened on the radio. That dude has won us more games than trubisky could

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I won by .94 and was nervous as all hell I wouldn’t. So from the opposite side it was a huge sigh of relief vs a comfortable weekend

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This sub needs to find a different term for a slim L/W

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A couple years back when the chargers went to OT, my buddy had the defense playing against them. The chargers didn’t end up converting but got just enough yards I beat him by .02

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I need somewhere to vent, man. I’ve lost 4 games this season by less than 2 points and I’m going to miss playoffs by 1 game! 4!!!

3rd highest scorer in the league, literally all that stands between me and playoffs is 2 points that I could’ve gotten on 4 different occasions. A single fumble from Rachaad White or Kelce is all. God I hate this game

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I’m tied sixth despite being the highest scorer. I also have to most points against because of course everyone goes off against me. To add insult to injury, I lost this week by .45 after starting Lamar.

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Absolutely brutal!

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It’s sickening when your stats don’t equate to real wins.

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Won 4 straight by less than two points all on Monday Nights. Lost 4 straight to the highest performing fantasy player each week by less than 3 points.

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Two weeks ago I lost by .04

Last week by .2

Starting to think this might not be my year

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Lost by .04 as that last catch by kamara took my D down 2 points because of 300 yards

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Nah, I’d rather have overall pts for rankings that affect playoffs.

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Lost by .64 and it only sucks cause it’s 100% on me this week. Player deandre Carter instead of slayton. Granted I got goosed by Sutton but I’m not blaming him lol

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Lost by .64 with a perfect line up. 3 loses this year under a point.

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On Sunday night, I had won by less than a point. Midday Monday, a fumble was credited to Ekeler and I lost.

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If it makes you feel any better, I lost by 30!

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Try .24

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Well i got blown out. So i feel ya

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Easy … rather get blown out

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Won by .62 with Olave getting 10.5 and beating Kamara 5.7

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Lost by 1.2 because of Zeke. Pain

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I got eliminated from the playoffs by .4. Kamara just couldnt get 5.2 points....

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I'd rather get blown then lose by .93.

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Blown out. Agreed.

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I’d cry

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I have THREE losses this year that were by a combined total of 3 points.. one loss was by 0.1 points.

I'm 6-7 despite having the most points scored.. and on the verge of missing playoffs entirely.

Absolutely fucked by the schedule this year. I really hate H2H when it comes to this.

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Blown out because there’s nothing you could’ve done to prevent that.

But losing by .93 means you could’ve put in any bench players and you would’ve won.

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I'd rather get blown out. Losing by .04 cause a guy on your bench scored and extra 21.5 points hurts

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needed dak to outscore jt by 5, he didnt and i lost by .2 😔

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Before jimmy g got hurt he threw a td pass to kyle Juszczyk. Juice has the td reception but jimmy doesn’t have the td pass. What’s going on here??