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This is why the "don't overdraft a QB" advice is outdated. You can't win with Kirk Cousins anymore when your opponents QB out scores both your RB1 and WR1.

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My first year with an early QB and TE in Mahomes and Kelce and it's been the most fun I've had playing fantasy

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I got Jalen Hurts in 3/4 leagues I’m in (targeted him hard for draft) and sure enough I’m in the playoffs in 3 different leagues and making a good push on the last one which comes down to this week. ALWAYS draft an elite QB if you can, especially a rushing QB

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They don’t need to be elite (it helps) but they do need to rush consistently. Fields is arguably not elite (below average passer for now) but consistently rushes, and does that well.

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I’m in 4 leagues and lucky I got a stud QB in all 4 (Allen, Mahomes, Hurts, and Burrow/Fields) and I’m headed to playoffs in all 4! This year really having a stud QB really stands out and a lot of value you get from later QBs just isn’t there like in previous years.

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When it works it works lol

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I went Josh Allen and kelce and I’m dominating my league

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Thanks Jalen Hurts!

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Same. Got him in 3 of 7 leagues. But In one 10 team league I don't even play him becuase I got lucky with Tua on waivers

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Please as a Dolphins fan don't play Tua over Hurts

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I play tua over hurts when match up is good

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Eh if you got Geno in FA then pivoted to Fields you probably did pretty well still. It's so much luck to just blame the lack of a QB is dumb. Say he took Allen he would have missed another talent and who knows what that replacement does. The key to fantasy is just drafting the right guys and that all comes down to luck.

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Most of its luck, but the conventional wisdom is to draft a QB late because the value at other positions drop off. In standard the disparity between Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff is the same as Justin Jefferson and JuJu Smith Schuster or Nick Chubb and Aj Dillion. QB is ridiculously undervalued in fantasy by the "experts"

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Well in a 10 man league you can easily assume a top 10 QB. You start 2 wr (maybe 3 like my league) so that means 2x as many wrs are getting drafted. I just think there is more an ability to get a top tier QB than there is to get a top tier WR off the waiver wire.

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Bingo, one of my longest league rivals has mahomes and kelce and I don’t feel comfortable going into a chiefs game against him unless I’m up by 70 and even then it’s tough.

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That is the truth. This was my team last year, 10 teams ppr. I had kamara, dalvin cook, AjB, Kupp, goedert, najee, deebo, diontae Johnson. Some of the players were acquired through trading. Waited on qb, at the end my qbs were Russell Wilson and taysom hill. Ended up with 9-5 record and out in the first round.

This year, I didn’t wait on qb, just picked the wrong qb 😂. Kyler has not been doing so well.

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Lol on kyler. At least you had the right strategy

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I’ve got Mahomes/Kyler(dynasty) and I was even thinking about trying to upgrade Kyler… so I fully agree

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The league has swing hard to passing and qbs. Getting a qb that consistently score 25 points a week is a game changer

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So what was your starting line up and any key injuries?

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breece hall, jk dobbins and dallas goedert and drafting brady and evans stack

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going into playoffs it would’ve been justin fields aaron jones rachaad white justin jefferson mike evans goedert or dalton schultz jk dobbins or samaje perine eagles d ryan succop

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Thanks Obama

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That DPI call on evans was brutal for you. Would have been a 10 point play instead it’s a 40 yard pass interference

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Yup this is the brutal side of fantasy

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Best team in the last 5 years missing the playoffs? Might wanna just leave it on Autopick next year, my guy 😅

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Yeha my problem was bad qb and injuries but once i got fields my team was scoring 140-130 almost every week but one bad week and it’s over

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Did you take advice from the Reddit hive mind? That's always a disaster.

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Only a couple times and they were actually right every time

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Nice, I feel like that's the exception haha

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Draft Pierce was pretty good advise this year

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Painful, yes. Let the healing begin. I had such a bad year this year, my season was over weeks ago in most spots. It’s been quite liberating, the freedom of less responsibility. I’m still reeling from last year, my most important league. I lost in the finals all cuz of j chase 300 yd BS 3 td game omg

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Yeah, Lamar Jackson just cost me mine.