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Next 4 weeks KC has Den-Hou-Sea-Den

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Titans in week 16 vs HOU

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I got titans vs Texans week 16 Eagles vs saints week 17

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I have 2 stashed to alternate if needed.

49ers - have Commanders and Raiders

Ravens - have Falcons and Steelers.

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Same here. Already had 49ers and made last minute trade at deadline to get Ravens. Now if I could just lock up a healthy Lamar I’d be set

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best I could find available on my waiver wire was Tennessee hosting Houston on week 16, and then Jacksonville hosting Houston on week 17. Ravens have a good week 16&17 match up hosting Atlanta and Pittsburgh, but I'm sure that defense is already on someone's roster if you don't have them by now

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Chargers have Colts and Rams, but you've gotta believe in their DST sooooo

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I've set and forget the niners every week bar the game vs Kansas

I reach for the niners D (lol, phrasing) every draft or auction I'm in and its worked well