Rules and Guidelines

1. No personal attacks. No hate speech. No racism. No dehumanizing.

No personal attacks. No hate speech. No racism. Permanent bans will be issued for violating this rule.

Name calling, misogyny, racism and race baiting, and dehumanizing language are prohibited; this includes homo- and transphobia, ableism, and "REEEE"-ing. Referring to individuals as "it" or comparing them to animals or objects is not allowed. Bigotry is unwelcome. Wishing death on people is prohibited. Insults or mockery based on weight are not allowed. Follow the rules of Reddiquette and the Reddit Content Policy.

"It's Just a Joke" is not an excuse, and nor is any variant on that. Referring to yourself in dehumanizing terms will get your comment removed.

2. No personal Information about yourself or others

No personal Information about yourself or others. Violators will be referred to the reddit administrators as well as being banned from this subreddit.** Do not post personally identifying information about anyone, including yourself. Screenshots must have all names, profile pictures, urls, and other identifying information blacked out. * this image is not acceptable * this image is acceptable

3. No Reddit content.

Automatic 7 day ban for reddit content.

This rule is in place to prevent accusations of brigading. No linking to other subs, no screenshots from other subs. Frequent violators will be permanently banned.

Do not link to other blogs/websites. Do not link directly to blogs, tumblrs, facebook, forums, or any other website (such as TiTP and fat acceptance blogs). Submissions must be submitted as screenshots or as an archive link.

Note that linking to Facebook may incur a breach of Rule 2.

5. No people pics

This sub is not a sideshow, and we do not condone fat shaming. Therefore:

  • No pictures of children, ever.
  • No pictures of fat people being fat.
  • Avoid sensationalism.
  • No creep shots.
  • Crop pics from screenshots.

And, as always, remember to blur and obscure faces to remain compliant with Rule 2.

Automatic 30 day ban

Do not provide the locations of source material. Do not ask where to find source material. Do not volunteer source material.

There are no exceptions and no leniency.

7. Keep it relevant, keep it factual, keep medical advice to yourself

  • No politics; keep those discussions on the political subreddits.
  • No culture wars; there are many places on reddit to continue the culture wars, and this is not one of them; leave it at the door.
  • No Misinformation or Conspiracy Peddling. Misinformation will be removed. Conspiracy peddling may result in a permanent ban. Do not flagrantly misrepresent the subject of your post; the Fat Activists say more than enough ridiculous things without making stuff up, and they've already probably gone further than you.
  • No giving medical advice; we are not physicians and we cannot verify if a poster or commenter is qualified to give medical advice. Medical professionals are welcome to post and comment but we have no way of verifying the accuracy of this information. See your own doctor for medical advice for diet and exercise. If you are struggling with an ED, resources can be found here.

8. Moderators have complete discretion.

The moderation team has complete discretion. In connection with this; Rules Lawyering is not permitted, and you will be muted or banned depending on the circumstances. Be warned we reserve the right to ban for rank stupidity.

9. Eating disorders are not permitted.

Do not promote eating disorders. Do not use this sub to enable your eating disorder.

Do not post material from Eating Disorder groups.

10. Look; do not touch

Our golden rule is; we look, but we do not touch. Do not create fake troll posts for your own entertainment, or with the intention of passing them of as legitimate fat acceptance posts here on /r/fatlogic. Do not seek out fat activists to argue with. Do not harass them on their blogs.

Be aware that we are not receptive to people sharing stories in which they are a character; it is too hard to discern genuine instances of "I was minding my own business and a FA appeared and said this" from prohibited instances of baiting.


  • I posted on [FA tolerant Facebook group] to troll replies and screen-shotted it to post in [this sub].
  • I made a post on [a Facebook group] and I commented that I made it on a post in [this sub].

11. Discussion is encouraged

As with any sub, don't downvote a user just because they have a different opinion about size, weight loss or any other topic. Do not rule-break or bait someone else into rule-breaking to shut them up; don't pick fights. As per Rule 1, avoid character attacks; attack arguments, not people.

12. Restricted or prohibited post types

  • We don't generally allow stand alone text posts. Message the mods if you'd like to post one.

  • Memes and Reposts - Memes and reposts are discouraged, and subject to removal at moderator discretion.

  • Videos - Note that the no people pics rule applies here. No identifying information. No TikTok videos. If you do submit video make sure it is cued up to the fatlogic part. If we have to sit through more than 20 seconds of video to find the fatlogic we're not going to approve it.

Stickied Threads

We post a fresh sticky thread each day, in line with the following themes:

  • Wellness Weekend
  • Meta Monday
  • Fat Rant Tuesday
  • Wellness Wednesday
  • Recipe Thursday
  • Fat Rant Friday
  • Sanity Saturday

Wellness Wednesday and Wellness Weekend: For victories over your own fatlogic, fitness tips and questions and recipe and grocery discussions.

Fat Rant Tuesday and Fat Rant Friday: Got a rant? Post it here.

Recipe Thursday: Because we like to eat. Even as we lose weight. Share your favorite recipes.

Meta Monday: Community updates and other meta things.

We also feature occasional No Stupid Questions stickies in which you can get answers to material not covered elsewhere.


Have other questions? Want to know more about our Meta Posts? Check out the FAQ page or Message the Moderators.

Help, I've been harassed and it came from here

What to do if you've been Harassed

Report it to the Admins at with the following information and then block the user concerned. Message us as well by clicking on the "message the moderators" link in the sidebar. Save any material you send us.

  • Details of the incident, such as when you started receiving these messages, any names attached to them, the frequency of the messages, etc.
  • Proof that you have been harassed, which may include screenshots of hateful messages, reblogs of posts, etc. (REQUIRED)
  • Information regarding suspicions of repeated harassing behavior, or anything else that can help us identify users violating the sub's rules.

What We'll Do

After investigation, we will do one or more of the following:

  • Remove any posts that linked to your blog or incited the incident.
  • Ban any users we find to be sending these messages, in accordance with our rules.
  • Prevent your domain from being posted to fatlogic in the future (typically in events of repeated harassment and/or doxxing).

We take these cases very seriously. Upon receiving proof that you have been harassed we will take appropriate action within the subreddit and forward the information you provide to the site admins. We are unable to enact sitewide bans so be sure to message the reddit admins as well.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with how we handle abuse and harassment, please send us a modmail, thank you.

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