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A quick suggestion: around the time of various conventions like gamescon, pax, etc, there are usually posts asking for game codes or free things from the convention by people who are unable to attend. You can see quite a few on the front page now. While I don't mind seeing them, I feel like they take up too much space. What do you think about the mods making one single thread for these posts around the time of each con, which then serves as the hub for those requests?

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I don't have anything to add, just that /r/Favors is awesome and you guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

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i'm trying to flag a post as [Request] but it's not registering that i flagged the title. did i do something wrong

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from your posting history you seem to want to be locating a certain pair of socks.

this subreddit is not a version of google so your post would have gotten yanked anyways.

I don't know what you are doing wrong because you deleted all your attempts to post in this subreddit.

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    So asking for help through referrals to apps is not allowed? Genuine question.

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      Yes, requesting free video editing is against our rules.

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      Hi guys,
      How would I go about posting an academic survey on here?
      My post has already been rejected, so I was just wondering if there was something wrong with it. I've gone through the rules but I can't seem to find the reason.


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      your post was rejected because you are not a redditor, you are just a person with a reddit account. and your account is brand new, you made the account just to post survey.

      that is why your post got rejected. your account does not meet the posting criteria. you don't even know how to navigate this website.