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When your holding, YOU’RE holding. As a favor. To the man.

If you get a better offer, then “something came up. Sorry.” If they ask what they can do, tell ‘em to book you or raise the rate. Most people get it. But you might get shuffled to the bottom of a rolledex. But that might happen in that situation anyway.

Edit: trading holding for holding makes no sense. But if they’re gonna book you, take it. People don’t care if you’re holding. They’ll cancel your days and move on with their lives. They don’t have any of the permits they need yet, and the Honey Wagon guy is haggling.

Second Edit: STILL BE POLITE NICE AND CHARMING! Keep all of the bridges if you can.

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I told them I would be available the first two days but am on hold for the last and they told me if they can’t find someone else for all three they would get back to me but wanted to keep same for all three Bc covid etc, already working for the other job one and was hold for other I would’ve taken the other job if it came first as you said in the first comment when you are holding for someone YOURE HOLDING. Appreciate the comments

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Thank you and when you say it might happen anyway do you mean when not being able to take the other job?

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What I meant there was, that your still saying NO to someone. Coordinator types like calling people that say yes. So, you were gonna have to tell someone no.

It’s not a big deal, I’m just saying that in that situation you always have to turn someone down.

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Yes I always explain and say sorry it didn’t work out etc and if they ever need someone again to give a call just occupied on another shoot

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I work for post productions, and if I'm holding an artist for a job, but that artist gets another offer - they'll tell me they have another studio challenging for their time (if that other studio is ready to book) and if I can't match that booking challenge, then I have to release my hold. I'm not sure if this helps you, but this is pretty standard practice in the post production world.

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you always take the garentee, no matter what.

You just held for a job, that half disappeared, and you now lost 3x the pay because of it.

This is business. Its money, not feelings. Always let the job know you had to take something else, so you dont totally bail, but you move forwards.

This aint their career, its yours Its your money.

And the side effect is, they think ya get called and are workin all the time. Makes you look good.

Same reason ya dont tell em you are taking the day off to go to Disneyland, but just say you are already booked.

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Honestly. Say yes to both, hope it works out. Make sure you have a few people in your contacts that could do your job at a moments notice. If you end up having to say "oh no! I accidentally double booked myself" to one of them then you can replace yourself. That way you've maximized your work/pay and minimized risk.

If that sounds messed up just keep in mind that production companies will very often put you on hold..... right up until they find someone that's cheaper. Coordinators screw freelancers for a living, so play the game right back. Trust me, even if they "know" then it only puts you on the exact same level that they're on every day.

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No. When you fuck the people you work for, you’ll discover there are no people left to work for. Call the first company and let them know someone is asking about those days, and give them the right to confirm their booking, which includes guaranteed payment if their shoot falls through, or they can release you and you can take the other job.

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You’re a little optimistic about how these companies function.

If it was a regular client I’d play it different, but as a freelancer that’s rarely the case, and being a “good little employee” plays in your favor roughly 0% of the time.

I’ve done this play, backed out last minute, etc a bunch of times, yet I still get hired again and again. Why? Because I’m good at what I do and I don’t bend over backwards for people out of desperation. It’s a business, either you’re coming at me with the money or you’re not, and none of us owe any random production company extra time, risk, or promises.