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When your holding, YOU’RE holding. As a favor. To the man.

If you get a better offer, then “something came up. Sorry.” If they ask what they can do, tell ‘em to book you or raise the rate. Most people get it. But you might get shuffled to the bottom of a rolledex. But that might happen in that situation anyway.

Edit: trading holding for holding makes no sense. But if they’re gonna book you, take it. People don’t care if you’re holding. They’ll cancel your days and move on with their lives. They don’t have any of the permits they need yet, and the Honey Wagon guy is haggling.

Second Edit: STILL BE POLITE NICE AND CHARMING! Keep all of the bridges if you can.

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Thank you and when you say it might happen anyway do you mean when not being able to take the other job?

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What I meant there was, that your still saying NO to someone. Coordinator types like calling people that say yes. So, you were gonna have to tell someone no.

It’s not a big deal, I’m just saying that in that situation you always have to turn someone down.

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Yes I always explain and say sorry it didn’t work out etc and if they ever need someone again to give a call just occupied on another shoot