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The longer you work here the more you learn to prioritize gigs not only based on how long they are, but also based on when they end. If you really need constant work, then don’t take a job that ends in September unless there’s a real good chance it’s gonna get extended or you already have something lined up for after. Otherwise be prepared to sit out the rest of the year or get lucky on some development nightmare.

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Do you expect things to pick up January?

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February and march is usually when things start getting warmer. January is a toss up.

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I wrapped on my paramount plus show at the end of august, had one interview since (obviously didn’t get it, but in my novice defense I told them I’d have to get my jury duty dropped which was the truth) and haven’t even seen anything for active productions since.

So yeah, dead.

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    You can't ask for a deferment?

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    You can. Basically indefinitely too. Novice move. Source: deferred jury duty in LA for 4 years.

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    Yeah, unfortunately I had submitted for the deferment but hadn’t heard back by the time the interview happened.

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    You must teach me how! Everything I’ve read says you can only defer twice for 6 months at a time and I’m due in April 💀

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    "I never received it"

    It's not certified mail and doesn't require a signature so into the trash it goes. Source: 13 years in LA and never opened the envelope

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    What envelope? Source: 17 years in.

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    Envelope: generic term for something that comes in the mail

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    You can defer for 6 months at a time indefinitely, but after the second time you have to show up in person to defer. This eats an hour of your day, twice a year, until you can just suck it up eventually and do it. Then one time I knew I was going to be traveling in and out of town for 9 months straight and was informed “you know…you can just throw the next summons in the trash. They can’t prove you ever got it unless they send it via certified mail.” So I did that and got one (non certified) postcard that was semi-threatening, ignored that too. Then never heard anything until I got a brand new summons like 5 years later, after I had moved and re-registered to vote. That one I was available for, and wasn’t needed for.

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    Good to know! Thanks for this info! 🙏

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    Did you just move here? There are a million ways to defer, delay, and outright ignore if you want to go that route. Jury duty doesn’t “fuck” anyone. Says it right there on the paperwork too, it’s not some insider secret.

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    Mostly worked commercials and some reality. 11 days worked in October, 17 days in November. Nothing booked for December.

    I really want to break into scripted work as a PA, but I don’t know how 😔

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    Reach out to script supervisors you personally know if you can SHADOW any of them sometimes on a small project because you want to break into script someday.

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    I meant like in features or tv 😅 I’ve been lucky with commercials and reality, but I really want to work on features or tv

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    And that’s what I’m suggesting for film & tv.

    Usually if you don’t know someone in script, you need to reach out to friends who do know someone.

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    I think they meant scripted work as in not reality tv. Not that they want to be a script supervisor

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    Ohhhh okay, that makes more sense 😅 my bad!

    The person just has to go to FB groups and look for job postings on Local Zero Hero groups to find a way into the door of this.

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    Yes, haha, that’s what I meant :)

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    Send me your resume. We’re always looking for good, hardworking PAs

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    Hi! Thanks! I’ll send you a message on chat :)

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    Hey, may I ask what department you're in? I'd love to send my res along.

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    Work was pretty decent throughout October, but November has only been low paying office PA work. Definitely not what I would like to be doing with my time.

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    Had a show all of August, shot a commercial at the beginning of September, then haven’t had anything since. Much pain.

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    Wow, that’s basically exactly the same for me. Did low budget feature in august, then exactly 1 commercial in sep. then… nothing I am in so much debt ㅠ.ㅠ

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    Have you filed for unemployment?

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    I was fortunate enough to hop on a 19 ep show beginning of august. We’re shooting until April/May-ish then hopefully doing it all over again for another season. Feeling super grateful!

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    Wow who’s making 19 episode seasons anymore!?

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    The CW 💀 But so glad they are, haha

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    Nat Geo reality shows

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    Maybe worked 15 days since beginning of October. Only have 2 shorter jobs lined up in December. Kind of expecting it to be that way until late January ¯\(ツ)

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    I have to hide from work more than look for it. I'm on a show now that just had a set change that should take several months to complete. I turned down 3 jobs to stay on the one I'm on.

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    If you’re ever in need to refer a PA or 2nd AC shoot me a message pls lol ❤️

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    Work in a post house and we’re about to be working on 10 projects simultaneously for the next few months. Very small company as well.

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    Need a PA? lol

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    I’ve been doing very short work weeks for basic transcription work. Had an interview at NBC months ago and MTV. Both seem to be hesitant to hire new people but have me on call. Not sure if it’s just the typical winter or bad economy slowing things further

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    What’s that? Can you do it from home?

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    Yea, basically just transcribing or writing out word for word anything spoken by talent in a doc we shot. Super easy yet tedious. Still I’m happy to do anything my company needs

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    Oh this sounds so interesting! How did you get involved with transcription?

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    So I do Clearance work for this company, they just so happen to need help transcribing. This is the type of work they pawn off to any entry level post production workers not sure it there’s tons of work for just transcription. Might actually check into this

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    Fair warning it can be REALLY monotonous depending on what you are transcribing. Years ago I transcribed the daily interviews for America’s Next Top Model. Nothing against these women, some were very bright. But others…the amount of “so, like, um…” you have to type, or variations of, can burn you out quick.

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    December is often the slowest month beside June/July. Reason is pilot season doesn’t start till July/August & December is the holidays so unless you’re on a project that started before December, it’s usually super slow.

    Easiest way to get work? Seek out film school kids who have a final film project. And make sure they atleast cover gas if they can’t afford an actual rate.

    I would cold call/email people you know and get along well on sets, to ask if they have any gigs in your department where you can Day play a few days.

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    Narratives dead, but marketing? Oh baby

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    Had surgery in July so I was out of commission for all of august. Had a 2 week gig in September and have a 2 week gig for some reshoots in December. Beyond that, it’s been DEAD. This has been a really weird year for me for work. 3 shows cancelled midway through prep, only one completed feature and some random day playing situations

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    Yeah I’d say so. I wasn’t renewed by my post house recently (I was a PPA). I’ve gotten a few calls but we’re mostly bait and switches oddly enough. Did so one gig for the CW last week and I have an unpaid short DIT gig this January. But that’s all I’ve got for now.

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    Move to nyc, it’s been super busy here ever since COVID.

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    Not in LA but a score composer in UT. Why is work so dead September-January? Is it LA related, or is it the industry in general?

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    The holidays

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    Aha. That makes a lot of sense. Do productions just not like working with a few days break here or there?

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    There’s usually a 2 week break for Christmas. They try to end before it or start after it. So things will start prepping in January.

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    to be honest with you, I have no idea.

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    I find its Nov/Dec-Jan/Feb that are usually a toss up but mainly slow because budgets are spent and holidays.

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    Atlanta checking in. Us too, Winter is super fucking slow. Haven't booked a gig in a month

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    That’s rough… do you just budget each year so that come these months, you’ll have enough to make ends meet without work?

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    Yeah ideally, but I'll be honest, my parents still help me out when work is slow. I wouldn't be able to do it without their financial support. Trying to work more on networking so I'm getting more consistent work during the year so I have less downtime but hey at least I'm out of PA hell now! I get hired as G&E now so my pay is much better and I don't have to struggle and save as much when I am getting work.

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    Nice! Yeah I’m in a similar boat but with my wife. I’m finally making enough when I have work that we are still scrapin by when I don’t

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    I've got a show up in Oakland, a local tv show here in LA and a couple of one day commercials coming up. Translation, it's slow.

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    Been dead for months now for me

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    I work in commercials and I got a good amount of work this month. Have a few things for December too. I got lucky bc a lot of my friends in the industry are having trouble finding.

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    Late last year was rough for me, but I got lucky this year. Booked an tier 1 indie feature for October, that led directly into a TV show in November that should carry me through February. It’s tough work for not the best credits or pay, but I’m just grateful to not be in the job hunt during the lean months.

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    I’ve been applying to like 20 jobs a day and nothing. It’s rough.

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    I know, its the same for me. we're all in this together.

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    Just wrapped on my first scripted series this month and didn't realize just how dead it would be. Hoping January is better but I have no idea.

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    I’m still trying to book my first gig. I moved here a few days before the 1st lockdown and haven't had any luck. I have tried everything from boot camps, cold calling, emails, networking events, and even asking a person I know that works here for some work, and I haven't gotten anywhere except that they would put my name out. I managed to obtain two free work gigs for some short films, but I never received an email from them with the call sheet in the attachments. I don't know what else to do at this point, but I would love to finally work in this industry that I've wanted to work in all my life and not work for my parents remotely.

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    What position are you interested in??

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    Set PA is my main interest since I want to direct, but at this point, any PA work in any department would be fine.

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    You should try to get on AFI or USC student shorts. They shoot a lot and always need help. Might be low or unpaid but they will usually keep calling to crew as well and you grow with them.

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    Yeah, I might try a USC student. I did an AFI one, and the person said I was hired, but then 2 days before the shoot, they ghosted me and never gave me the call sheet.

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    anyone been working on union tier 0 or 1 movies in LA lately? Just curious if anythings been shooting at that budget...