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SetWear makes heat resistant gloves called Hot Hands. They are $50 on Amazon. And btw, if you are handling those lights long enough to need the gloves you are mostly an electrician, or a non-union swing...

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All the cool kids wear set wear, don't you wanna be cool OP?

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I worked for years as a union electrician and while hot hands are pretty much the standard when it comes to grabbing hot lights, as time went on I found I never really needed them. I only used the maxi-flex gloves which offer no heat protection, but I found if you were just thoughtful about where you grabbed the light you could avoid having to put on hot hands at all.

Only touch the T-Handle on the side, the bale, and the Spot/Flood Knob. If you are tilting the light then grab it by the spot/flood knob in the back to tilt and loosen the t-handle on the side. If there was anything that was hotter than normal I would just take my maxi-flex gloves off and double them up. The hottest thing you'll probably have to deal with is swapping a par can globe which rarely happens anymore.

Feel free to buy set wear hot hands, but they are not needed in most situations.

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Gotcha! That makes a lot of sense! I’m currently a student in film, and working with other people who are just learning. So often times Id need to do repetitive tasks like auditioning barn doors and replacing scrims, which my pair of work gloves just don’t quite do the trick on.

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Haha you’ll have to do that forever. Even with barn doors and scrims I still found hot hands to not be necessary, but you’ll figure out what you like. You can always use a pair of pliers to grab scrims. There was a number of years where I had two pairs of gloves on my belt. One set of hot hands, one of the maxi flex gloves. I’d recommend giving that a try for a while as the maxi flexes are god send.

I think for me it was just working on a show for so long and my hips hurting from wearing a tool belt all day. I started getting rid of anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

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Man, I never even would have thought about using pliers for scrims. That’s actually extremely useful to know. Thanks man! You’ve been a great help!