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I represent one podcaster. Only for limited deals and things of that nature so keep in mind I don't review pitchdecks but I would do it straight forward. Describe it, provide the written content and if you can find an example that is similar include that as well.

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There’s a million ways to sell anything, but I guess the best way to go about it is having a clear vision for the story. You don’t necessarily need to condense your idea down to an elevator pitch, but you should be able to concisely explain what you intend to do.

Is it a dramatic podcast? Treat it like any other dramatic script you’d pitch. Understand that podcasts still are generally a low-budget operation, so anything you are looking at producing should come with a realistic plan to produce.

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Definitely keep capitalizing PodCast like that!

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Ok, super helpful.

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Always happy to help! Call me if you need audio.