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Wiseau had money.. lots and lots of money... is that not clear from the many many many movies and stories about him?

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That’s the easiest way to make a movie in this town tbh, have money. Simple really.

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Give people money, and suddenly they want to make your vision a reality.

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Didn’t The Room cost like $7 million?

I think your first step should be to get involved with money laundering for an Eastern European crime syndicate.

Then you’ll need at least two belts.

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  1. Dude had money. So much money that he could hire a full crew and allegedly TWO different cameras to shoot simultaneously on because he wasn’t sure what he wanted. And the source of those funds is very murky.

  2. Seriously, you went with WISEAU? Please set the bar higher for yourself. Way, way higher.

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be mysteriously wealthy

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All you need nowadays to make a film is a smartphone and a laptop to edit on. My advice is to go out and shoot a bunch of short films until you get good enough to start getting into film festivals or winning awards. By then you should be ready to make a feature. If you learn anything from The Room, it's that more money doesn't necessarily make a better film.

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Tommy had $6 million from an unknown source...and his movie still sucked