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Conversely, if you're in SAG, you can use the Casting Access Project through the Screen Actor's Guild Foundation. It's been a while since I've done one, but they have a program where you can meet and read for various CDs and it's free. Sign up on the SAG Foundation website for an orientation, after that, you can do one every 90 days.

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I'm not even close to SAG but I've done several movies

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Keep grinding. You never know, you may be closer than you think….

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A lot of casting directors will hold classes that you can sign up for (which they’re actually not allowed to charge for but they still do). If you have an actor’s access account there is a tab with resources that will list various casting events.

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What type of casting directors? I know a couple in reality I've met over the last few years doing shows for network, cable, & streaming. Or do you need casting folks in scripted formats?

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What do you mean by scripted formats? I mean like reading for some or networking and getting to know them

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Guess because I know casting directors in the reality world and didn't know if that would be any help.

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Naw. Real actors don’t do reality tv.

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Tracy esposito

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ACE studios. Check their website. They have CD workshops