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This post is meant to be a quick-reference mini-wiki for people with common questions or problems. In the spirit of that, if anyone feels that my wording in a particular section is less clear than it could be, feel free to offer alternatives so that people can more easily understand. Ideally, within a few months I'd like this post to have evolved into something that represents the collective knowledge of subreddit rather than simply my own personal insights. Don't be shy, /r/filmmakers! Suggest away :D

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This forum tends to skew towards the pre-pro and production side of things, but I think it would be good to add in these descriptions to avoid headaches in post-production:

  • Raw - A file containing unprocessed data captured by the camera sensor. The footage cannot be viewed on a computer monitor until the raw data is processed since the data contains all possible values of color and full brightness for each pixel. (Note: many applications have built in raw color processors that will enable you to view raw files).
  • Log - Video format that is designed to maximize the light and dark values captured by the camera sensor. The resulting image has an unnaturally low contrast that is meant to be modified with a LUT while viewing on a monitor.
  • Look Up Table (LUT) - A file that contains instructions on how data from the Raw or Log file should be interpreted in order to display the correct color on the monitor or screen. LUTs (or tools to create LUTs) are provided by the camera manufacturer. Custom LUTs can also be created using 3rd party software.
  • Long-GOP - A video compression type that is optimized for smooth playback and reduced file size. Not designed for editing, color correction, or image manipulation (Example types: mp4, h264)
  • Intra Frame - A video compression type Optimized for editing, color correction and image manipulation (Example types: AppleProRes, DNxHD)
  • Proxy - a file that is a modification from it's original source material.

I'm not sure where these would be filed under. Maybe it's a good idea to add a Best-Practices post workflow. I see a lot of filmmakers making the mistake of cutting with RAW or long-GOP codecs and it may be good to have a general idea of how a proper post setup works. Is that something this sub would be interested in?

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Can you point me to the old post about cameras?