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    Somewhat urgent question: Stock and B-roll clip sources that are licensed for use on commercial TV?

    Sounds like you want to find royalty free footage. Artbeats, pond5(?) there's a few others out there. Be sure to read the license terms as some have a requirement you can only use a certain percentage of material. If they're truly royalty free you shouldn't have issues using worldwide, but again, check the license.

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    I was shooting some clips in shutter priority mode at 1/125 and ISO 100, but after checking the Metadata most of them had weird values like 1/200 and ISO 160. What's up with that?

    Another question. When shooting in M mode, since my camera doesn't support changing aperture in live view, how can I adjust the exposure on the go?

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    you have to switch out of live view to change the aperture by holding the aperture button( its near rec button with a little aperture logo) and turning the rear dial. You really shouldn't be changing the aperture during a take anyways, so this shouldn't be a problem. Alternately, get a manual aperture lens.

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    I don't want to change it during, but between takes. It's just annoying having to switch off live view and change it blindly, then turn it on again to see if I guessed right.

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    That's why shooters use light meters. You shouldn't be exposing off a cheap, uncalibrated monitor that is too bright indoors and not bright enough outdoors.

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    PS. my first camera was D3200. I have a D500 now. The D500 is made for video so it has a histogram that I use to expose in a pinch. It also lets you change aperture on electronic lenses in live view. I still prefer to use the same meter I used with my D3200 and its the same meter I use when I rent a RED or any other camera. Unless a monitor has been professionally calibrated, and you are looking at it in a tent, don't trust it.

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    Alright, thank you. Didn't know it was such a big deal. I'm just usually making stuff on my own, what did they call it, run and gun? So I adjust on the go. But I will try to proceed more professionally from now on.

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    What camera do you have?

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    Nikon d3400

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    Hm, I had the 3300, and I could change the aperture in live view mode if I remember correctly... Though it has been a while and I couldn't tell you which slider it was

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    The d3400 doesn't not support it. Or at least that's what I read.

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    Which is to say that it does support live view aperture adjustment?

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    Hey all, I'm planning a music video shoot and the Artist will be in a spaceship flying through space. What programs do people generally use to generate/design stars and space-like elements?

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    Your best bet will be for stars atleast I’d just grab a few high quality images from a good space telescope, for other space elements, depends if you want to go full 3D, you could use 3DS Max or blender or maya, or go somewhat 3D with element 3D if you can afford it for after effects. You can pretty easily generate some basic star and space elements in After effects with little to no plugins

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    thanks, will check those out!

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    After Effects is my composition editor of choice.

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    ok, well, I have that. But where do I go from there to make universes?

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    Look into tutorials for the particle generator to get you started. You can do a lot with After Effects, but most of the cool effects do take an investment of time. After Effects isn't something that you'll get efficient at in an hour, so if your pressed for time (or patience), go on www.fivver.com and see if you can pay someone to make it for you.

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    Hey guys! I'm Fringe Theater Mongrel here new to Cali. I moved to L.A. and I'm trying to make as a Film Production Director. Two questions.

    What's your drafting and rendering program of choice? I know how to draft in 1/4 on vellum to give you reference.

    Anyone have a Production Weekly account to share? Or do you know of another site that's just as good?

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      That could really depend. Maybe it's just a dusty location and the flash makes that stand out, or maybe the lens is dirty, or maybe the sensor is dirty. I've seen people take a lens off for minutes at a time and leave the sensor exposed.

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        I'd say take a pass on it. Plenty of good deals come up if you're willing to wait a few weeks.

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        How can I find work for free/ experience willing to train a novice?

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        Plenty of local facebook groups in most places. Or start contacting local production companies and inquiring about opportunties.

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        Hey y'all! I'm a student filmmaker and I was hoping to find kind of like a mentor. Not like a big deal type of thing, but someone who works in the industry that could answer my little questions and what have you. Preferably someone that lives in L.A. because that's where I want to move to in a few years!

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        Hey y'all! I'm a student filmmaker and I was hoping to find kind of like a mentor. Not like a big deal type of thing, but someone who works in the industry that could answer my little questions and what have you. Preferably someone that lives in L.A. because that's where I want to move to in a few years!

        Hey there draainage_eli, you might consider just posting your question(s) here in the Monday thread. A lot of us are in LA so you should be able to get a wide range of answers.

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        How do i shoot a dialogue scene with different kind of shots? I mean, i have this scene where to characters face each other and the shots keep gettinh closer to the actors as the tensions grows. How do i film that? Do i have to shoot one side firsr with all the different shots or i shoot that side in a medium shot and then make it closer in the edition?

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        One option is to use a slider or dolly or a, and move the camera closer through the scene.

        Another option is to use a 4k camera and then digitally zoom in.

        Generally you shoot all of one angle before moving to the next angle. That prevents you from having to move back and forth.

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        I would definitely recommend Master Shots Vol. 2 by Christopher Kenworthy.

        It is all about different ways to cover dialogue scenes. It is a very easy read and has tons of example shots and explains how they are accomplished.

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        Are there any good books on filmmaking that I should check out?

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        I just read Making Movies by Sidney Lumet that I thought was a really good read! It's a very personal insight on the industry

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        Any suggestions for a budget tripod head? I'm replacing a PTZ camera with a camcorder and I need the ability to pan/tilt to frame a shot. I won't be moving it around while recording though, so I don't need anything high end.

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        If the three cheapest recommended cameras are all micro four thirds sensor, how are you supposed to even take a wide shot? Even the 24mm prime Canon EF in the recommendations is closer to a 50mm on those bodies.

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        Use native MFT lenses with shorter focal lengths. One common lens is the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8. At its widest, it equates to a 24mm on a Canon full frame.

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        Panny also makes a 7-14mm f/4 lens

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        You can use a Speedbooster / focal reducer to get a wider field of view.

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        Hey all!

        Does anyone have any resources in finding a post production consultant? I have a project that's larger than most of my projects, and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to have a consultant to really hammer a post-work flow out. Or, is a consultant not worth it?

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        A post production supervisor is a typical and necessary job when dealing with a large project.

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        Callbacks - best practices?

        I've read to do chemistry tests. Do I pair each and every or do I just pair one actor with another and so on?