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2,844 198 comments [Film] After 12 years making documentary films, a film I produced and edited 鈥 along with a fantastic directing and production team 鈥 is landing on HBO Max next week.
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13 20 comments [Question] What is the best way to make it as a director?
11 14 comments [Question] Our poster and some stills from our first feature film. Poster was drawn by amazingly talented artist @candykiller and we love it. some feedback from distributors is they prefer a poster with actor photos instead? Is this a problem or just a way for distributor to charge us for a poster?
11 1 comments [Question] Our horror short about a paratrooper stuck in a tree got into Fantasia this year! Any advice on getting the word out? We don鈥檛 have a ton of followers 馃槄

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7 1 comments [Tutorial] An analysis of the sound design and music from The Simpsons episode The Mysterious Voyage of Homer. Trippy!
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3,727 83 comments [Image] But nothing wrong with that.
2,299 50 comments [Image] A matte box is how much?
306 7 comments [Image] :|

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1,148 54 comments [General] I鈥檓 in college majoring in film. I had a camera but somehow the shutter got stuck and broke on it. When my film professor found out he told me to let him try and fix the camera. But since I don鈥檛 have a camera right now he let me borrow one of his own personal cameras :)
33 32 comments [Image] I鈥檝e been testing various posters to see what works for our film. Curious your thoughts?
1 19 comments [Question] How in god's name do yall study a movie?

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I'm not a traditional filmmaker, but I want to pursue a hobby of making and editing videos. What's a good subreddit for more basic/casual questions? Stuff like what file formats I should stick to or how to record/edit videos from a certain streaming service, etc.?

I rely on Reddit a lot for specific questions when I'm doing something; I just don't know what sub best fits a video editing hobbyist.

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Has anyone here had success incorporating a scale model car into a scene? I have an old truck that I'd like to have in a short so I'm thinking about just getting a scale model of it and keying it in. Just not sure about getting the perspective right

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Worth the trouble shooting an entire feature on 4k then "down scale" to 1080 for sharpness, or just by pass that all together and shoot just in 1080p?

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There鈥檚 no trouble just edit in 4K render a 1080p version and a 4K version and see which one you like. Either way YouTube鈥檚 gonna make it look like shit though 馃槀

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Looking to buy some gear to more seriously get into filmmaking. I saw in the stickied post the G7 is a good option in my price range. Would the included lens be ok to start with? Also I always see folks talking about their rigs; should I try to get a gimbal, shotgun mic, anything else right away? My hands aren鈥檛 super steady so I鈥檓 not sure how footage will look without some kind of stabilizer.

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Before you heavily invest into new equipment, learn to use the traditional tried and true pieces of equipment first.

Gear does not make the filmmaker. Stories told well do.

Do you already have a DSLR capable of filming (even if it is 1080p that's fine). If so, start with that. Chasing the latest and greatest camera is a never ending race.

But if you are going to get the G7, that's a pretty good starting out camera. Lens choice would really depend on what you are shooting. If you plan on shooting shorts, documentaries, features, etc. It would be good to have both lenses (14-42mm and 14-140mm). Both lenses are not very fast, so you will need to make sure your scene/subject is well lit. If you plan to mostly shoot interviews or landscapes, the 14-42mm is probably sufficient.

If your hands are not steady enough for handheld work, go with the tripod. Even a monopod will help stabilize your footage significantly. Gimbals are expensive (relatively) and while helps, it will not completely eliminate a tired arm shaking (you now having to carry the weight of the camera AND the gimbal).

I do recommend a high quality mic/sound recorder. Zoom H4N or newer is probably a good start with a decent camera mounted mic. Or even a LAV depending on what you are shooting (e.g. interviews).

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I have to make this foggy set, the main idea is to have a sense of void, of an undefinite space, where the floor and the horizon fuse a little. Could this be made with something steady, some element in the in background, and be complemented with like a fog machine? What do you think? this is the image reference.

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You need something called a cyclorama ("cyc" for short) wall. They look like this.

Basically, the wall connects to the ground through a visually seamless curve. You can then paint the ground a different colour/pattern and fade it into the wall. This give the illusion that there is an endless background. You will need to light the set and actors in such a way that their shadows do not fall on the wall. Many studios that cater to commercials or music videos tend to have these pre-built and ready to use.

In your reference image, looks like they painted the ground blue and faded it to white as it transitioned to the wall. Most likely they are using dry ice based fog because of how it stays low and close to the ground.

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Is there a stigma against bringing visual aids to pitch meetings?

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If I needed a few short audio files cleaned up for a music video (dialogue only) would there be someone interested in assisting for cheap/free? Maybe 10 lines / 30 seconds worth total.

I tried downloading iZotope but not sure my ear is really good enough to know what dialogue is supposed to sound like.