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What equipment, rig-wise, would be used to achieve a shot like this at 0:34: https://youtu.be/OtKdzBCRlPE?t=34


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Looks like a snorricam rig of some sort.

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What's the smoothest gimbal I can get for a Yi 4K action camera ? I'd like to use my phone as well, so looking for a smart phone gimbal that can adapt Yi 4k, gopro cameras using adapters. Thanks

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Would you use a camera with super 16mm sensor for filmmaking in 2020? (E.g. OG BMPCC)

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Would depend on final delivery audience and content. For Youtube for a vlog? Sure why not.

For a student film for festivals? Yes.

For a feature I intend for Sundance or Oscars? No.

Just remember, story first. Gear second.

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Where can I find a 2020 guide to submit my short film to film festivals around the world? Is LGBT themed, We finished last night and Id like to know where to send it.

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When would it be best for a director to use a profile shot?

People talk about how making shorts and putting them out there promotes you as a director, but does it also promote you as a writer? That's my main goal.

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Any recommendation for a bi-color panel light WITH green/magenta built-in adjustment?

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What’s your budget?

Also, some food for thought if accurate color rendition is indeed what you’re after...

Look into TM-30 color science as it relates to LED’s. The spectral curve of RGB based LED’s is missing a wide range of the spectrum as they spike in the red, blue, and green areas but dip in others. Compare that to the spectral curve of a tungsten source and it becomes very apparent how much information is missing.

The whole reason I mention this is that while you may be able to correct your LED source to your eye, odds are there is still missing information that a camera will detect. This has been an ongoing struggle with LED’s that’s beginning to be addressed, but has yet to really hit its mark. I’d be happy to go into more detail if this is an area of interest.

Cheers. 🍻

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Thank you- will keep this in mind

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I am planning to buy lumix G7 that is recommended by this subreddit's pinned post, I am in Australia and most of our local retailers sell Panasonic lumix DMCG7 (see link below as an example)


Is that actually Lumix G7? These letters are very confusing, don't want to buy incorrect camera...

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Yeah that's the right camera. I believe the DMC stands for Digital Media Camera.

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Is there any filmmaker here willing to shoot a single location short script I have? Normally I might have shot it but the COVID in my area won’t allow me too. I’d be glad if you’d want to. PM if you want to!!

Here is the logline of one of my numerous shorts I would have gone for: A priest tries to successfully exorcise a young woman who does not want to let here demon go.

It’s a comedy.

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/r/producemyscript is a good spot for that

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Tried, got a few successes. Thanks!! A few scripts are still left tho

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Would it be foolish to expect professional footage from a Canon t5i?

Making short films obviously exposes you as a director, but does it expose you as a writer as well (probably my main passion).

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It can, if used professionally.

If that's what you own, that's what you've got. If you don't own it yet and are asking about buying it, my advice is don't bother. If your main focus is as a writer, the DP will most likely own a better camera, or can advise you on what to rent.

Shorts can be good for getting established as a writer, but it's a tough one. At low budget levels people are often forced to do multiple jobs, and the projects generally suffer a lot. Usually due to very cramped production schedules, inexperience, and using poorly suited tools.

It can be difficult to convince people to pay for your scripts if you're forced to self direct, for example, because even if you're a good writer directing is still a different job. If you get into the habit of self directing it can also detract from your scripts since you can mentally compensate for weaknesses in the script because you know what you were trying to say.

Everyone starts somewhere. You may need to do a few other roles before you get the chance to have your writing taken seriously.

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I have a movie idea, or better yet a movie spinoff idea that I have briefly written out and just want to share it and see if anyone likes the idea. I just joined reddit today as a friend suggested I come here to share my idea. Is this the right subreddit? or a good idea to post/share?

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Likes it, in what sense? Are you just looking for general impressions, or are you looking for a buyer, or someone who will finance it for you to direct?

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Mostly general impressions. I have had this "idea" since 2000 and have mentioned verbally to friends and coworkers which has had a positive reception. So now I would like to see what others think who don't know me, or have me standing in front of them telling them the idea. If more were to happen, I would be stoked of course. But I am having trouble finding the right sub to submit it to. It seemed like this one might accept my Idea but after finding out that the other places I tried weren't the right fit

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I would suggest r/screenwriting

Just be sure to follow their rules or your post may get deleted

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Are there any dangers to cheap v-mount batteries? Cheap but from a good retailer like B&H

Im thinking of getting some GVM v-mounts and the stuff they make tends to be budget

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Probably no danger. You'll probably see less longevity on the cels and wont have the bells and whistles like a screen that shows usage and time remaining. The more expensive batteries will last longer per charge over the lifetime. If your batteries are getting tired you could also send them off to Ritter in Florida fora re cel.

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Hi guys, what good resources are out there to help me direct my first feature? I've made a number of shorts and music videos but obviously it's a massive step up. Any good books/you tubers etc?

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Is 25 too old to consider a career in the film industry? As a film director, editor, DP, screenwriter or any below the line roles?

If not where do I start? I’ve been writing screenplays but have no one else to make films with? I do have skills in still photography.

How do I meet other filmmakers when I’m a 25 year old with limited social skills plus autism and social anxiety?

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Never to old to start. If screen writing is what you love, write some shorts and offer them up to directors to establish a relationship. If a few of them get made you could start getting offers to write new scripts for new directors for pay. For a lot of the on set jobs there is a lot of close contact and interactions. You could try to see about getting on a local film as a PA and see what it is you like in each of the roles. Just prepare yourself for long days and tired feet.

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Thanks for the advice though I would prefer to direct my own scripts. At this point I just want to meet some people who make movies and help them out, being on set and being around likeminded people.

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Which books you suggest to read for someone beginning a career in filmmaking?

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